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This Is The Reason Why You Should Not Use Your Phone On The Toilet

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On average the researches conducted concluded that you are likely to find about 50 bacteria per square inch on a toilet seat. Some of the Sexually Transmitted bacteria like chlamydia and viruses such as genital herpes are passed along by ski n-to-skin contact. But, this microorganisms dies as soon as they hit the cold toilet seat. Therefore, it is unlikely to catch a STI from the toilet.

Still there are a few infections that you really can pick up from the toilet when the seat's contaminated with feces) it could happen and if you don't wash and dry your hands thoroughly.

Some of the microbes likely to be found in the toilet


E.coli (Escherichia Coli) is fecal-borne bacteria and you are likely to get contaminated from the bacteria in the toilet. This bacteria is usually found in the human intestines and if by accident you get exposed to it, you are likely to be struck down with abdominal cramping and vomiting, or diarrhea.


Research conducted shows that about 39 percent of toilet seats harbour the bacteria streptococcus. Streptococcus is a common microbe that is found in the human throat. This bacteria is responsible of causing strep throat. Streptococci also causes contagious skin infections including the common rash that usually affect babies and pre-school kids. It can as well cause a serious skin infection commonly known as necrotizing fasciitis.


Staph (Staphylococcus) likes to hang around the toilet seat and can live for than two months. These microbes can take as few as three-four seconds to transmit from the toilet seat to the human skin. Humans are more likely to expose themselves with the bacteria using the cell phone than even seating on the toilet seat. Actually more than half of our mobile phones carries this bacterium.

To destroy the staph completely, it is advisable to wipe the toilet seat with antiseptic. This is actually the only safe way to kill the staph.

4.Influenza (and the Common Cold)

Influenza are capable of living for as many as two-three days on nonporous surfaces, that includes our cell phones, remote controls and the toilet seat.

For the cold and flu it is advisable not to touch the nose, eyes or mouth after you haves touched the toilets seat, or a doorknob. This is because it is transmitted through mucous membranes.

With the above information about some of the bacterium found in the toilet no more should still be resisting using their cell phones in the toilet.

Why You Should Avoid Using Your Phone While in The Toilet

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Research concluded that about 75 percent of people use their cell phone on the toilet. This in turn is causing people to get sick. With the millennial, it is not a surprise for someone to use their mobile phone everywhere, this includes the bathroom or while eating. This is actually risking one's health.

Nearly all the phone covers as well as cases are made of rubber, rubber on the other hand is warm and comfortable. This makes it easy for the bacteria to thrive.

These bacteria (listed above) can make someone very sick. We are likely to spread the risk of viruses like gastro and staph as they can easily be transmitted from solid surfaces like the phone. The researchers advice that we should not take with us or phones to the restroom especially the public toilets.

Even holding our phones while in the bathroom is not safe either. Researchers also says that without washing our hands after visiting the toilet won't keep the bacteria away.

Moreover, you should as well avoid using the cell phone while eating. This is because, some infections can be transmitted by mouth which is also risky, for many people could get sick.

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How to mitigate the spread of infections from the toilet

Firstly, always avoid taking your cell phone with you to the toilet and also refrain from using it while eating.

Secondly, disinfect your mobile phone regularly. This is important especially if you have been using the cell phone while in the restroom. There are special sprays and cleaning detergents that should be used to disinfect/clean the touchscreens.

Thirdly, always disinfect the toilet seat before using especially public toilets. Or, avoid using the public toilets.

Finally, it is good to wash our hands regularly especially when you have left the bathroom or when you have touched someone else phone.

Stay safe from common illnesses caused by bacterium that are found in the toilet. Refrain from using your cell phone while in toilet.

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