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The Effects Of the Corona Pandemic In Kenya

ezzyobanda 06/25/2020

The very first Corona cases in Kenya,were identified in March 2020.

The Corona pandemic,which has afflicted the whole world,is spreading like wild fire.The persons who test positive in Kenya are quarantined for two weeks and subjected to a treatment regime..New cases of infections are identified,virtually every day.The corona pandemic has caused a lot of damage in many countries.A lot of people have lost their lives and many have been hospitalized .Many essential services have been brought to a standstill.The negative effects felt are both economic,social and political.

Economically ,many businesses have been affected ,because the government has imposed a lock down and declared a curfew.Movement from one county to the other has been restricted.This has affected the regional trade to a big extent.Domestic transport system has also been affected because their is no movement allowed for long distances, by public vehicles.Since there is a curfew in force ,people who are employed work for less hours,and this has adversely affected production.The entertainment world has not been left out.Pubs and restaurants,were not allowed to operate .It is only recently that restaurants have been allowed to operate ,but for specific hours.The restriction was to avoid mass gatherings and to enhance the social distancing rule.The tourism sector , has also been affected badly,as international air-travel has been banned for now.This has deprived the government of the much needed foreign exchange.The staff employed in the air-transport are in danger of being declared,redundant.

Social life has really been disrupted as people are not allowed to mingle freely.Pubs selling alcoholic drinks and other beverages have been banned and employees working in this sector have been rendered jobless.All forms of sports ,which attract spectators have been banned.The local football league was cancelled before the conclusion of the season.Education has also been hindered.All learning institutions have been shut down. Worshipers in both Churches and Mosques have been denied the right of congregation.The Judiciary has also been affected ,as all court proceedings have been suspended.

Political gatherings have not been spared and so have political campaigns.

Wearing of face masks in public places is mandatory.Sanitizing hands whence entering public vehicles and supermarkets,and other public places to do shopping or other business is also mandatory. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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