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See What Joyce wa Mamaa Plans To Do After Covid-19 Ends

Balchanews 06/28/2020

Very many people had plans before corona virus was discovered. Both Kenyans and people from other countries had great plans. Some were waiting to graduate while others were expecting that they would enroll in some institutions. Others had plans of starting new businesses or expanding whatever they already had. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

These plans were however aborted due to the existence of Corona virus amongst ourselves. Some dreams were pursued though. The industry that was affected most was the air travel industry. Most countries banned their air travel and many people were sent home. Other industries like the textile sector happened to be favoured by Covid-19 as they are still manufacturing protective gears for the health workers and face masks. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Musicians were also affected because most of them earn their living through live performances. Social gatherings were banned and so they could not do stage performances anymore. They have continued to perform through their social media platforms, though not all are able to engage their fans through digital platforms.

Joyce wa Mamaa was not spared either. She also had expectations. She had planned on the places she was to perform. This did not happen either. Yesterday at night,she reminded her fans through her facebook page that they were to have a party. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

"Corona ikiisha bado tutafanya bash ya team Joyce Wa Mama Fb Page Mimi nitanunua kuku🐓🐓mbili na wewe?👇👇" She posted. This translates to "After corona,we will still have a party for Joyce wa mamaa facebook page team. I will buy two hens,what about you?"

Her fans replied to this question posed to them by Joyce. Jamu Van Maish, one of her fans promised to buy drinks and also be the MC during the party.

Source: opera.com
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