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Why Uhuru And Raila Should Salute And Support DP Ruto In 2022

Timesnow 06/24/2020

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Deputy President William Ruto has for four consecutive geneneral elections supported President Uhuru Kenyatta and Former prime minster Raila Odinga.

In 2002, Ruto was among the only recognized politicians who supported KANU Presidential candidate Uhuru Kenyatta when all most of the prominent politicians backed former president Mwai Kibaki. 

Ruto supported Uhuru who lost to Kibaki in an election which was seen as the most peaceful in Kenya's history.

Ruto stuck with Uhuru until he joined Odinga's camp in 2005 where they opposed the referendum back then via the Orange Democratic Party (ODM).

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Ruto joined the team of Odinga (pentagon) heading to 2007 general election which aimed to defeat Mwai kibaki.

The 2007 ODM Pentagon consisting William Ruto, Najib Balala, Charity Ngilu and Joe Nyagah campaigned for Raila with the zeal. But Ruto was the ultimate political dancer. And when the Samuel Kivuitu Electoral.

After Ruto's scandalous tenure as a minister in the grand coalition government, he parted ways with Mr Odinga.

For only 13 years ago, the two were political bosom friends. Back then, they schemed how to wrestle power from President Mwai Kibaki. The man who is deputy president today was Raila’s junior political partner, seeking to help him ascend to the presidency.

Ruto went on to form a coalition with president Uhuru Kenyatta towards the 2013 election which they emerged Victorious over Odinga.

The DP went further and supported and campaigned for Uhuru for his second term which they emerged triumphant once again.

Going by this facts you see that Ruto has sacrificed for almost twenty years for Uhuru and Raila, helping them ascend to power.

The two deservedly need to look back for DP's unconditional support and give him a hand in his first attempt in presidency.

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