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Raila’s Dubai Surgery Leaves Kenyans Asking Why he Can’t be Treated Locally

ReubenNjane 06/25/2020

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Raila Odinga’s brother Oburu Odinga, the spokesperson of the Odinga family revealed that indeed Raila was airlifted to Dubai for medical purposes. Oburu disclosed the information after false information started hitting the media of Raila’s health.

While speaking to the media, Oburu stated that Raila needed a minor back surgery and nothing serious to alert Kenyans. However, his statement on Raila’s health was questioned by Kenyans who did not understand why he could not be treated locally if the issue was minor.

@WilsonMakau Fast recovery to Baba, but why can't he be treated in Kenya like the rest of us. He should tell us who ran our health infrastructure to the ground and have them return every single stolen shilling since independence. Get well soon.

@Brigid Hakuna minor surgery apo, if it was minor, he should have been treated locally.

@Hustlernation Wacha tu tuseme ukweli: Minor surgery ikishinda Nairobi Hospital et AL..It stops being minor. When you see someone being flown of the country during this COVID pandemic. It's damn serious. Let's pray for him.

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Top Comments
LeahChelimoMaiyo · 06/25/2020
QR Baba yangu
+254-072367**** · 06/25/2020
Agwambo quick recovery we still need your services.
+254-073965**** · 06/25/2020
All those who are asking to know why treatment should not be done locally are shedding Crocodile teers though let's pray for his quick recovery after surgery . Let him lie in the hands of ALMIGHTY GOD!!!!!
GraceMburu · 06/25/2020
QR Papa we love you.

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