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Three important things that will happen in the 2022 Presidential elections.

EllyNathan 06/26/2020

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As 2022 elections near,politics are in Kenya are getting hot and tight in Kenya each and everyday.Currently it looks like President Uhuru and his Deputy President are not in good terms at all.Since the handshake between Uhuru and Raila,their bond has greatly grown making Raila to even have a great say in the government and in Kenya.Below are some of three things that might just happen in the 2022 presidential elections.

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Uhuru will not support Raila.Since the handshake between Uhuru and Raila,their relationship has really improved and grown.They are currently together pushing for the success of BBI in Kenya.This has made many Kenyans to believe that come 2022 elections that Uhuru Kenyatta will support Raila Odinga in his 2022 presidential bid.But as Uhuru Kenyatta promised in 2017 that he will support Ruto in 2022 for his tens years.Uhuru will surely keep his promise because their relationship with Ruto is very strong.

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Uhuru will support Deputy President Ruto.Uhuru Kenyatta's ambitions to become the President of Kenya started back in 2002,but he surely lost to Mwai Kibaki.When 2017 came,he surely came back to vie for the Presidential seat.Ruto actively supported Uhuru Kenyatta and this gave Uhuru an upper hand in winning the elections.Ruto's strong convincing powers and big support really helped Uhuru Kenyatta.For this reason,Uhuru will surely want to give back to William Ruto for his support and generosity to him.

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Ruto might appoint Mudavadi as his running mate.Musalia Mudavadi is a very strong and able leader in Kenya.William Ruto will surely look for that strong able leader to be his running mate.They both have many supporters in country and if they come together against their opponents in the 2022 presidential elections,they will surely come us as winners.

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