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Messi Fans Fined For Celebrating Footballer's Birthday During Lockdown In Bangladesh

Maxnerd 06/25/2020

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Fifteen Bangladeshi men have been fined for commending the birthday of Argentine football star Lionel Messi in penetrate of a coronavirus lockdown. Officers joined by troops struck a bistro in the Indian bordertown of Damurhuda on Wednesday as the men, matured somewhere in the range of 17 and 32, drank espresso and ate cake to check the 33rd birthday of the footballer who is a specific saint in Bangladesh. 

They showed up under the watchful eye of a versatile court in the road and were fined 100 taka (generally $1.15) each, said officer Firaz Hossain. The bistro was fined $70. "They spurned social removing rules and went out at night. They penetrated our lockdown request," Hossain told journalists. 

The Bangladesh government is bit by bit facilitating a lockdown set up since March. The nation has authoritatively recorded 1,582 passings from in excess of 122,000 cases however specialists state the cost is a lot higher. Football is famous in the nation, albeit numerous Bangladeshis bolster abroad groups or players. 

Zahidul Alam, proprietor of the Old Town Coffee House, where the gathering was held, said that notwithstanding paying the fine he felt for the football fans. 

"I couldn't simply send them home as they were amped up for Messi's birthday," Alam said.

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