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Earthquake in Ghana. What really happpen last night during the Earthquake

EARTHUR1ST 06/25/2020

Earthquake in Ghana: 'Di ground start dey move wey e shake three times' - Accra resident recount experience

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The earthquake happens last night around 10:25 p.m. to 10:35 p.m. some parts areas in Ghana.

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Geologists for Ghana say say di tremor wey Ghana experience last night na small earthquake according to numbers wey dem record.

Ghana record three earth tremors last night for the capital city, Accra.

Nicholas Opoku, Senior Seismologist for Geological Survey Department for Ghana talk say de earth quake be magnitude 4.2.

Sake of de intensity more people experience am for Accra

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"I dey sleep when something wake me up. So I realise say the earth dey vibrate. So I check from my window to see what dey happen wey my mother also enter my room to ask what dey happen. Den e be very scary"from Stella Alorn.

'I dey lay inside my bed when I feel the earth tremor. The ground start dey move wey e shake three times" Gifty Amperh, another resident for Adenta.

De first tremor happen around 10.45pm in de evening, second and di third one too happen continuously like that.

Residents for Accra who dey areas like Kasoa, Bubuashie, Dansoman, McCarthy Hill, Bortianor, Weija Tetegu, Gbawe, Aplaku, Sowutuom, Awoshie, Adenta among experience de tremors.Some residents abandon dema homes for some time to find safety for open grounds.

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