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Full meaning of GOOGLE and other acronyms we use every day.

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There are alot of acronyms which we use and say but does not know the meaning today you shall know the meaning of those Acronyms:

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1. WI-FI: This stands for Wireless Fidelity.

2. P.M: It has alot of meaning but if being used in a sentence to describe time then it is "Post Meridian" , but if it is used to describe a parliament member then it is "Prime Minister".

3. DNA:It has only one meaning and it is Deoxyribonucleic Acid.

4. SUV: Sports Ultimate Vehicle.

5. PDF: It is a word famous in the ICT world and it stands for "Portable Document Format". It is a file format which helps in the sending of electronic documents.

6. Virus: The meaning of virus is "Vital Information Resource Under Seize". They are harmfull programs which is made to cause harm to computers.

7. POS: POS stands for "Point of Sales" ,a POS machine is an electronic device that is used in retail transactions and the preparing of receipt for customer.

8. PDF: Sad to hear most people don't Know the meaning but is common as well, so it's meaning is "Portable Document Format" . It is normally used to review and open documents.

9. GIF: It stands for "Graphics Interchange format".

10. IQ: Talking about IQ this is an every day word we use in schools and at every where and it goes by "Intelligent Quotient".

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GUEST_gr9amZqkA · 07/3/2020
Where is the GOOGLE you told us about?
Abū_Rāniya · 07/3/2020
SUV - Sports Utility Vehicle

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