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Video: Popular Ghanaian movie actor/comedian Nana Yeboah voiced out why Ghana movie industry is Down

KwesiFaithful 06/25/2020

The movie actor and comedian;Nana Yeboah was heard in a recent interview on his thoughts on why the Ghanaian movie industry is collapsing

He started off by appreciating individuals supporting the industry. He then raised his major cause which is the introduction of Indian movies and series on Ghana Tv channels.

“Indian movies and series has taken over all the TV stations in the country preventing Ghanaians from watching their own movies. Some of this series takes a year or two to end the movie so how then will you find time for your own ?? “;Nana Yeboah

The movie actor and comedian blames the leaders of the state for this

He also added that he had an invitation to India and never saw a single Ghanaian movie streamed on any of their channels, which means they do appreciate their culture . He advises Ghanaians to do same.

The Ghanaian actor stated he has 10 of his movies coming out soon and he hopes and believes its going to be a blow...

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Would you blame the leaders for the collapse of the movie industry in Ghana??

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