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Osofo Appia's Plenty Curses Likely To Get Worse If He Fails To Do This With Rev Obofour And Agradaa

Pen_Sound 06/29/2020

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Osofo Appiah, the man accused of stoking fire between Nana Agradaa and Reverend Obofour can have his peace of mind and live a free life if he takes this advise .

Incase you dont know what this man did let me remind you. He is the one accused of lying to Agradaa that Obofour wanted to pick her son for rituals in South Africa, again he planned dumping corpse at her shrine to fake a murder case on her.

It has been revealed allegedly that this same person went to Obofour secretly that Agradaa wants to plant human skeletons at his church to also fake juju rumours against him.

In Conclusion

This man is the main devil between Reverend Obofour and Nana Agradaa. Both spiritual gurus have cursed him in other ways for trying to tarnish their images by making them look stupid before themselves just for him Osofo Appia get something to eat. Because Agradaa was giving him money for those fake information and Obofour was doing same. If he wants his peace, Osofo Appia should reconcile the two and confess his sins before its too late.

Because the calling alone for these lies is enough to bring curse on him.

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
+233-55241**** · 06/29/2020
Appia fueled the feud between the two.Now the truth is out so the should smoke the peace pipe.

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