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Eleven Year-Old Girl Forced To Marry A 65Year-Old Man

KellyMills 06/25/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. An eleven year-old girl was given out for marriage to a sixty-five year-old man, because the parents said they can't feed or take care of her

"My father said he can't take care of me anymore and that I won't survive with him and my mom. He said if I don't stop school and marry that man then he's not going to feed me again as there's not enough food for both of us. I don't want to marry that man I want to go to school and be a nurse. But my dad will beat me if I refuse to marry him. She told Mills News Agency

Child Marriage has risen drastically during these pandemic times,due to school closures,food insecurities and economic uncertainty. In Ghana more than 200 girls has been forced into marriage. Child marriage is now a global pandemic with young girls been forced into marriage .

The story of this little girl made me shed tears, You can see the desire in her eyes to become someone great. But that has been taken away because of one selfish interest, because of poverty and because of bad system

Sexual, verbal, physical, emotional and psychological abuses as being on the rise

I urge victims of abuse to report to the right authorities and not settle for the traditional ruling or out of court settlement. Let's protect our young girls cause they are our future. A nation without women stands to fall

Source: opera.com
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