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Opinion:3 Reasons Why 2020 Final Year's Exams will be the tough one-Candidates and Invigilators

rhapsody 06/25/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Opinion: 2020 NABPTEX,WASSCE,BECE, Examination will be very tough for both Student and the Government to handle.

NABPTEX,WASSCE,BECE is part of the Ghana cycle education for every citizen in Ghana or it may be in other countries.NABPTEX,WASSCE certificate can be used in search of jobs,school continuation,etc.Sometimes NABPTEX,WASSCE scare us the most not like the BECE,because NABPTEX,WASSCE Examination is the main source of income for some individuals who wants to be successful in life by depending on school whiles others don't depend also but most of the time,rich people come from School intelligent.

For not to waste much of your time,have you noticed NABPTEX,WASSCE examination will start in West Africa soon?,it was to start around March but because of this deadly Coronavirus,things couldn't be how it was to be.The Current President of Ghana, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Closed down all schools both tertiary,secondary and vocational schools lately,but recently he has open it for both University and Tech as well as Secondary School.But final year students are the most important here.This why these final years student and the government will finds it difficult during the examination.

The internal Invigilators

Sometimes teachers in the school are being used as the invigilators.They are those who make sure examination will be going on well without flawless or even malpractices.But at this time invigilation won't be like at first.At first before you enter into an examination hall you must go through a terror search meaning everywhere in or around your body must be searched or even your uniform.All these rituals are being done by the invigilators in charge.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Again the same invigilators will make sure there will be no examination malpractice(sending anything that aid communication like Mobile phones,smart watches etc)in the examination hall by standing or roaming in the exams hall so in case someone is cheating he/she will be caught and penalized for malpractice.

But at this time Examination both WASSCE,NABTEX, won't be like that anymore like first how it was.For me not telling the reason you should get to yourself if not this is why;we can't trust our invigilators if they're not affected by this deadly Coronavirus. Remember what the President said, "Social distance and Reduce body contact".

So invigilators are been prohibited for touching too many student during the terror search campaign or to make too many movements in the room whiles examination is going on.You may ask when if the invigilator doing the search is wearing gloves?.

Well that's a great question but remember he's touching so many people with the same gloves.He won't be affected but the student is the question.If one student Is affected by Coronavirus and the invigilator touch the candidate's body whiles wearing the protective gloves remember the same gloves will be used on others too if not,one pair gloves per each student during searching.

And this will be very tough task for the internal invigilator in question to make the conduct of examination to go through without flawless.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Effect of Nose Mask and Social Distancing in the examination hall on the candidate.

Have you notice nose mask or face mask has become compulsory for every citizen in Ghana especially those who are in school now?.Have you ever wear this kind of Ghana made nose mask before?.How do you feel when you're wearing it?.This is the three question I want to ask you.Some of the nose mask produce heat which results in difficult to breath well you wear them.

Guess a student writing his/her examination at the same time wearing nose mask.How can this candidate feel relax and write the examination without getting bored.Let me throw more light on this,It well said that an examination hall must have a cool and a good ventilation as well as harmonious environment so that candidate will feel better and relaxed to put down everything on their mind onto the answer booklet.Some schools may have a good ventilation room and will not face any challenges wearing the nose mask but what about the others?,schools in the villages or even in the cities.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. We shouldn't be bias.Sometimes examination papers are been write in the afternoon which may lead a stagnant heat in the exams hall,my formal school like this,we were using our classrooms for examination because we were not having dining hall at that time, in the examination hall there was no Fan,ceiling or even much windows for a good ventilation.So if I guess I was wearing nose mask at that time writing my final exams,I should have failed because room without air cause boringness and sweaty.

Also we all do consult our friends in the examination hall when we are finding it difficult in answering some of the questions especially in the Section A part.You may have one answer to choose in two alternatives which is a little bit confusing,you ask the person who is next to you to help you or you ask the most intelligent person in your class to help you find the answer,we all did this thing before if you didn't do this before am just wondering how intelligent you are.

There is a saying that,all fingers are not the same,so how can a student who is not all that good in academically to ask a question from a colleague whether A or B while social distancing is on and at the same time candidates wearing nose mask.Meanwhile that's the only question left for him/her to get C6 although he has done his/her best.He/She will rather sadly fail because no noise making,large spaces because of social distance and some can't breath nose mask which reduces an echo of a sound asking for help.

Although examination malpractice is not good remember that but just to tell you how some candidates are going to fail due to heat and cant breath Ghana nose masks.

External Invigilators

If you don't fear this people then you're the tough one.Internal and external invigilators their job is different altogether.These people are being sent from the WAEC office to go into various examination centers and inspect the various centers in which examination is going.

When they enter into an examination hall,they have the audacity to touch everything in the examination hall or can inspect some of the student although they've searched them already,but at this time it ain't going to be like that.At this time I think external invigilators rights will be limited.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. They can go into various examination centers but I don't think they should roam too much or touch any candidate as soon as they enter the examination hall because we can't trust them if they are not affected, because he's the one coming from the outside and entering inside the School premises so he/she can carry the disease on his/her hand.

You may ask me when if he is wearing the protective equipment?.Well that's a great question,while asking me that remember he traveled there with a taxi with the same gloves he used to open and close car doors.

And even if the car own by him,can you trust him/her if he/she is not carrying the disease on his/her hand or even if he/she is infected already and remember the same hand was used to wear that gloves being used to touch a particular candidate.This will be very bad tough task for the external invigilators to do their work in which they were Assigned to.Yeah it will be very difficult to handle this situations.

NOTE.This article is not to promote examination malpractice,examination malpractices mentioned above was used to explain further for better understanding.

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WilliamsAbekahAMISSAH · 06/26/2020
thanks for sharing.... there must no be invigilators during the exams....koraaaa
MawuDoriskekeli · 06/26/2020
Very funny
+233-54616**** · 06/27/2020
they want our children to fail and if they do no voting
FrancissagoeInnaffwani · 06/26/2020
so funny 😂

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