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Kwaku Annan of the The Seat Show Finally Explains Why Nigel Gaisie Keeps a bed in His Office.

MyLip 06/24/2020

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The Seat Show continues to reveal more secrets about allegedly fake men in the country. The revelations have exposed some of the hideous activities of some men who claim to be called from God.

The expose started with Prophet Badu Kobi and later the whip fell on Bishop Daniel Obinim, Na’akwaa Isaac, Akwasi Sarpong, Obofour etc. Currently, the whip of justice is on Nigel Gaisie, head of the Prophetic Hill Chapel. 

Kennedy Agyapong has exposed Nigel as a promiscuous man who dupes and sleeps with the women in his church. He has promised to get him arrested for his nefarious activities. The Seat today June 24, 2020 took another dive at Nigel Gaisie with many more damning revelations.

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Kwaku Annan, host of the Seat alleged that there is a bed in Nigel Gaisie’s church. According to Mr. Annan, the bed was bought by a lady in the church to be given to another fellow worker in the church. Apparently the worker was to rest on the bed when tired. The bed was purchased for GHc200.

According to Kwaku Annan, Nigel Gaisie allegedly converted the bed for his amorous activities with the ladies in his church. The bed was sent into Nigel’s office and used by Nigel for his romantic escapades.

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Kwaku Annan dared Nigel to come out and explain the role of the bed he has in his office. It was also alleged that many married and unmarried women had been victims on that particular bed in Nigel’s office.

We await to see if Nigel will come out to rebut these allegations.

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+233-24238**** · 06/26/2020
He can't come and deny He is evil
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your wife is also a vitim of the very bed

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