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Don't Confuse Yourself, Here Is The Difference Between Earth Tremor And Earthquake

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The trembling or vibrating movement of the earth is known as tremor. We say that during the earthquake, tremors were felt in the area. Trembling is also felt by people when they suffer from diseases, when they experience high fever and are weakened. However, it is precisely when using earth shake that people confuse trembling and earthquake. In general, both earthquakes and tremors mean the same tremor of the earth, but if you look deeply, there is a difference between them, which will be highlighted in this article.

If you are fortunate enough to live in a seismically active and dangerous area where tremors and earthquakes are common, people use the word tremor when the earthquake is less intense and the consequences are limited to trembling and earthquake. The word earthquake is used when the intensity of seismic activity is high and there is significant damage to property and life. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

In general, earth tremors occur before an earthquake hits the area. People who live in a danger zone anticipate danger with these tremors. Earthquake magnitude is measured on the Richter scale, and intensity is measured on the Mercalli scale. Tremor is almost not felt in an earthquake of 3 points or less. It is when the strength of magnitude exceeds 8 that earthquakes cause great damage to life and property. The recent earthquake in Japan had a magnitude of 9 points, and history abounds in many cases in which earthquakes of magnitude 9 or more times crashed into different parts of the world and left a trail of destruction. 

When the epicenter of the earthquake is deep in the earth, the destruction above the earth's surface is much less than when this epicenter is at shallow depth. On the plains of an earthquake, earth shakes and displaces while in mountainous areas, earthquakes cause landslides and even cause volcanic activity. When the epicenter of the earthquake is under the seabed, this sometimes leads to massive waves that travel at incredible speeds and cause untold damage to housing along the coast.

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