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Earth tremor leaves mark for a pending earthquake.

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In about an hour ago almost every single person who has access to digital sets such as Televisions and phones moved out of their rooms all in the name of a tremor. Well most people might wonder what this tremor is?. It's simply a sudden shake of the earth in a way which is not as intense as that of an earthquake.

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Our geographers and other people who have deep knowledge as to how the earth works and moves and its signs, were able to determine this. Not only them but it was internationally discovered. The tremor was actually not experienced by all people and neighborhood in Ghana but just some specific places like the Brong and the Ahafo, some parts of Accra just to mention a few. People who had this experience had taken it to social media to share their experience but let's not forget its possible impact.

This is not something to joke with because it has impart on the earth we live on. People with indented knowledge of how these things happen and what's it means says it is a possible sign of an earthquake. They said they are not specific of when it will take place but they are sure of this.

So is Ghana going to be like those countries that have experienced earthquakes and are having bad times in their living conditions?. We live to see what happens. But on the more serious not let's joke with it and let's be careful and prepared.

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