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She Has a Boyfriend Already If You See These Signs

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Many thoughts may run through your mind if you come across a young woman and you think you like her. This feeling may lead you to ask many questions. Who is she, where does she live, and most importantly, does she have a boyfriend. If you are in this situation, you are not alone as it happens to most of us too. It is just Okay by you to find out if she has a boyfriend already so that you will not bother yourself asking her or let alone taking her phone number.

She Dresses Normally and Even Sometimes Looks Unattractive

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One of the main signs that show that she has a boyfriend already is how she dresses. Take this point seriously. Pay attention to how she dresses. If she dresses normally and does not look, attractive if means she has a boyfriend already.

Young women dress well and look attractive when going out if they are single and searching for a boyfriend. Her hairstyle is superb, her makeup, her shoes, and even her style of walking will look different when she is single.

Therefore, if she does not pay close attention to the above, it shows she has a boyfriend already. After all, whom is she dressing up for? To validate this point is to say that there are more women than men, so women are more competing for men than men competing for women. Perhaps you do not know or you doubt if it is true. 

Yea, you heard me right, it is very true. Most women are just pretenders. Back to the topic of the day again, if she dresses normally and is like she is not attracting any young man through it, chances are high that she has already had a boyfriend.

She Has A Photo Of The Same Man All Over Her Social Media Handles And Pages

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So okay, let us assume you know her name through a little inquires you made. If you go to her social media pages and handles and she has photos of the same young man everywhere chances are high that she has a boyfriend.

Yes, she may have young men as brothers or even other relatives that are men. Know that she will not pose for the camera with her male siblings and other male relatives like that. If you go to Facebook, you see that young man, if you go to Instagram, the same young man, if you go to twitter, the same young man, the same young man everywhere.

There is something more to it she has a boyfriend already. To continue on this point, see how she positions herself around the young man in the photo, check all the text she writes under the photo, this may give a clue if he is her boyfriend.

Her Body Language Pushes You Away

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Yes, you meet her and like you feel like conversing with her. You think of asking her where she lives, what she does, what are her priorities, and most of all asking her phone number. You say “Hi” and she replies “Hello” and you expect her to open up to you to start a conversation of that sort.

However, suddenly she makes her face serious and does not want to make any conversation. “Herr Mr, excuse me, I have to go now” she will tell you that to your face and leave empty and disgraced. That is one point on this, another one is that if she does not smile to you, you know the kind of smile I am talking about then do not waste your time. She has a boyfriend already.

Check What She Does

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There a lot of things that may suggest a young lady has a boyfriend already. One of the things you can do is to check what she does and go. If you happen to meet her at the market and she buys things that men use, chances are high that she has a boyfriend. If she does not like to mingle with other single ladies too much, if she does not want to go to certain sensitive places alone, then she has a boyfriend already.

There are some young women out there if they realize that you are getting nearer to them, they will tell you straight to the face that they have one already. There are other points though, but I think these will help you out!

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Some point your articles are educative and othertime to looks like trash I don't even bother to read them because it's not true you can't read between the lines

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