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Ghanaian Celebrities As Bad Influence On Our Youths; See Reasons

KwabenaQuofie 06/29/2020


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This article is centered around expaining how our celebrities are bad influence and begging them to sharpen general society on alcohol and drugs, rather than advancing them on their music recordings as youngsters additionally watch these recordings as well. 

No doubts that no undertaking by specific people from the Ghanaian media personalities and some Ghanaian celebritiee to pressure the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) to lift the limitation keeping large names from alcohol advancement in Ghana should be locked in, especially in light of the fact that the perspective in the blacklist is to the best bit of leeway of general prosperity and the affirmation of our children. 

Speaking to innumerable concerned Ghanaians, we are squashed by the solicitation of a part of the large names to be permitted to guarantee alcohol rewards paying little heed to the extensive number of clarifications and reasons that have been given on the general prosperity request. We are of the view that the self important excitement of two or three these huge names should not be locked in, anyway contradicted by Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), the worldwide system and all well-intentioned Ghanaians. 

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The activity and effect of acclaimed individuals on our famous people can never be overemphasized. Children listen when VIPs sings and talk, and this is what the alcohol business has been endeavoring to abuse off by using renowned individuals to make advantage, and to moreover familiarize our children with the unwholesome demonstration of alcohol use. 

A music released by a celebrity would take simply couple of minutes for practically every youngster to start murmuring in. Which is the explanation I am of the view that a VIP advancing acoholism and medications on his/her music video would be seen as a real model by young people and youngsters and the (excess) result is undeniable. 

Ghanaian Celebrities ought to use their influence to propel prosperity and success and vitality, yet not things that would incite their own obliteration and that of our youths. For what reason would anyone have to open our adolescents to a thing that impacts essentially all aspects of human life. 


1. Threatening development. 

2. Cardiovascular breakdowns 

3. Cardiovascular diseases. 

4. Hypertensions. 

5. Diabetes 

6. Stroke 

7. Forceful conduct at home, road crashes and pitiable poverty. 

I do share the concerns of the people who state guardians must be liable for the adolescence of their children, regardless, it is fundamental to remind ourselves to what extent we gatekeepers proceed with our children these days, (especially the wealthy few)? Is it not a reality that most posterity of today are left powerless before gatekeepers and teachers some of whom might be morally smashed? Let us sanitize the system to make sure about our children, regardless the future looks barren. 

Ghana can't balance itself with other made countries to the extent how alcohol is controlled. In a bit of those countries, regardless of the way that big names do advertise alcohol drinks, the constraints on the use are with the ultimate objective that when it is realized in Ghana, most alcohol organizations would cover up. For instance in Ghana, alcohol is offered everywhere and accessible to everybody old and energetic, no age restrictions and dependence reclamation, etc. 

The Parliament of Ghana would some of the time talk about the need to control the alcohol business. Exactly when the issue came up on the floor of the House in 2017, the Member of Parliament (MP) for the Ashaiman electorate, Ernest Norgbey got out the usage of enormous names to intrigue the youthful through commercials to lure them into drinking. He said when children watch and check out these promotions, and music videos and this grades the nation to a postponed bomb. It is only a brief timeframe before it explodes. This is a sensible sign that our MPs are on the wellspring of motivation to make sure about our children. 

Along these lines, please I ask all the Ghanian big names to come up and attempt to sharpen the adolescent and limit the manner in which alcohol and drugs are utilized in music videos.

Do well to drop your perspectives beneath because I stand to be corrected if wrong.

Source: opera.com
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