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B.E.C.E likely R.M.E questions and answers for 2020

Guzzpersmedia 06/25/2020

As we all know that The B.E.C.E is very near. Due to this student must prepare and revise very well on their note. Thses are some of the selected R.M.E questions for 2020. This questions will quide you through your exam.

Below are some of the likely RME questions and it answers.


1. God created the two great lights in the heavens in order to

A. show His mercy

B. separate night from day

C. give life to the earth

D. provide heat to the earth

2. The Eucharist, in Christian worship, refers to

A. prayer of thanksgiving

B. preaching of sermon

C. the Holy communion

D. payment of tithe

3. The most important Christian festival is the

A. Ascension

B. Easter

C. Lent

D. Pentecost

4. Sadiq in Islam means

A. courageous

B. righteous

C. truthful

D. patience

5. The Gye Nyame symbol of the Akans signifies that God is

A. all-powerful

B. all-serving

C. all-loving

D. all-merciful

6. The twelfth son of Jacob was

A. Benjamin

B. Daniel

C. Joseph

D. Simon

7. Moses led the Israelites through the wilderness for

A. forty years

B. forty months

C. fifty years

D. fifty months.

8. God created water bodies to provide humankind with

A. air

B. plants

C. salt

D. shelter

9. The prayer which is said in the early afternoon by Muslims is

A. fajr

B. Ishar

C. Magrib

D. Zuhr

10. The period of courtship in marriage is meant for

A. the couples to know each other

B. the payment of the knocking fee

C. convincing parents of both parties

D. the presentation of gifts to friends.

11. By creating Adam and Eve, God was establishing the institution of

A. brotherliness

B. friendship

C. marriage

D. Sabbath

12. Traditional worshippers remember their ancestors by

A. fasting and praying to them

B. offering them food and drinks

C. singing of songs and praises

D. calling their names always

13. Prayer enables the Muslim to

A. punish his / her enemies

B. become clean

C. go to heaven

D. receive gifts1

4. Dirges as a traditional song is sung to

A. praise and hail chiefs

B. hoot at people with evil spirits

C. recreate and entertain people.

D. sympathize with bereaved families.

15. Creation according to the Bible was by means of

A. command

B. instruction

C. prayers

D. prophecy.

16. It is the responsibility of a Muslim to make a pilgrimage to Makkah at least

A. three times in a life time

B. twice in a life time

C. once in a life time

D. five times in a life time.

17. Exchange of rings in a Christian marriage signifies

A. faithfulness to God

B. blessing from God

C. faithfulness to one another.

D. love for the bride’s family.

18. In Islamic practice, Wudu is the

A. intention to say salat

B. preparation made after salat.

C. ritual washing before salat

D. ritual washing after salat.

19. Traditional funeral rites are meant to

A. raise money from donations

B. assist the dead to go to heaven

C. avoid future occurrence of such deaths

D. pay the last respect to the dead.

20. Which of the following is not an effect of bad environment practice?

A. Afforestation

B. Deforestation

C. Soil erosion

D. Global warming

21. A punishment that could be given for fighting in the classroom is

A. flogging

B. fine

C. imprisonment

D. remand

22. The main teaching of the Ten Commandments is

A. courtesy

B. love

C. kindness

D. patience

23. A person who is tolerant

A. respects the opinions of others

B. looks down upon other people

C. likes telling others what to do

D. thinks he/ she is better than others.

24. Which of the following is not an act of sexual immorality?

A. Prostitution

B. Rape

C. Premarital sex

D. Sexual abstinence

25. The wise saying ‘it is difficult to catch up with someone who has gone ahead of you’ tells us that

A. we need to be smart

B. time lost cannot be regained

C. all is well with people ahead

D. we must run in order to catch up

26. Repentance is relevant because it

A. separates us from enemies

B. brings us back to God

C. gives us energy to work

D. drives the devil away

27. Courtesy is a polite and acceptable way of

A. commitment

B. behaviour

C. obedience

D. tolerance

28. Which of the following does not constitute good manners?

A. Chuckling at prefects

B. Stitching torn dresses

C. Complying with dress codes

D. Running of errands

29. By respecting other people’s religion, we are

A. showing commitment to God

B. showing commitment to those religions.

C. practising religious obedience

D. showing religious tolerance.

30. Authority is instituted in the society to ensure

A. hard work

B. loyalty

C. peace

D. respect

31. A positive attitude towards work is

A. commitment

B. graciousness

C. intelligence

D. purity

32. School rules help pupils to

A. avoid being punished

B. worship God regularly

C. compete with one another

D. disobey school authorities.

33. Carrying out assigned duties is necessary because it

A. pleases God and humankind

B. attracts hatred from enemies

C. leads to pacification of the gods

D. leads to fulfillment of promises

34. Which of the following does not promote progress in the society?

A. Communal labour

B. Conflicts

C. Festival

D. Reconciliation

35. The most important requirement for a happy and prosperous life is

A. courage

B. hard work

C. loyalty

D. respect

36. In planning personal budget, it is necessary to ensure that

A. expenditure is more than income

B. income is more than expenditure

C. expenditure equals income

D. income is less than expenditure

37. One of the advantages the extended family has over the nuclear family is

A. persistent quarrelling in the family

B. over-reliance on a few rich people

C. having little privacy for its members

D. opportunity to associate with more people.

38. Leisure is best used to

A. perform house chores

B. attend church service

C. acquire new skills

D. attend extra classes

39. The presence of a shrine is a characteristic of

A. Christian neighbourhood

B. traditional neighbourhood

C. Islamic neighbourhood

D. religious neighbourhood

40. The Asafo Youth Movements do not promote

A. unity among its members

B. selflessness among its members

C. regular attendance at church service.

D. the spirit of law abiding among its

These are the answers of the objective test one SECTION A.

 1. B. separate night from day

2. C. the Holy communion

3. B. Easter

4. C. truthful

5. A. all-powerful

6. A. Benjamin

7. A. forty years

8. C. salt

9. D. Zuhr

10. A. the couples to know each other

11. C. marriage

12. B. offering them food and drinks

13. C. go to heaven

14. D. sympathize with bereaved families

15. A. command

16. C. once in a life time

17. C. faithfulness to one another

18. C. Ritual washing before salat

19. D. pay the last respect to the dead

20. A. Afforestation

21. A. flogging

22. B. love

23. A. respects the opinions of others

24. D. sexual abstinence

25. B. time lost cannot be regained

26. B. brings us back to God

27. B. behavior

28. A. chuckling at prefects

29. D. showing religious tolerance

30. C. peace

31. A. commitment

32. A. avoid being punished

33. A. pleases God and humankind

34. B. conflicts

35. B. hard work

36. B. income is more than expenditure

37. D. opportunity to associate with more people

38. C. acquire new skills

39. B. traditional neighbourhood

40. C. regular attendance at church

View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

 Below are the Essay question for part one questions.

SECTION A Religion

Answer one question only from this section

1. (a) Describe the call of Moses by God. [14 marks] (b) What three lessons can be learnt from the life of Moses? [6 marks]

2. (a) Explain the following types of prayer in Islam:

(i) Jumu’ah [3 marks] (ii) Tarawih .

(iii) Tahajjud [3 marks] (iv) Janazah .

(b) State four things that spoil Wudu.

3. (a) Explain four features of traditional religious homes.

(b) State four benefits that can be derived from interacting with members of other religions.


Answer one question only from this section

4. (a) Explain four ways by which people can comport themselves. [12 marks] (b) State four reasons why you should comport yourself. [8 marks]

5. (a) Describe four processes involved in showing repentance. [10 marks] (b) Outline four reasons for showing regret for one’s wrong deeds. [10 marks]

6. (a) State three main reasons each why rules and regulations are useful

(i) at home [6 marks] (ii) in the community. [6 marks]

(b) Outline four benefits of taking instructions from elders. [8 marks]


Answer one question only from this section

7. (a) List four factors that promote good family relationship [8 marks] (b) Explain four benefits of healthy relationship among family members. [12 marks]

8. (a) Outline four reasons why naming ceremony is important in your community. [12 marks] (b) State four factors to be considered when choosing a name for a child. [8 marks]


Part two Objective test two section A aspects.

1. Manwasthe last creationof God because, God wanted him to

A. besatisfied with all that he would need

B. go roundand seeallother things Hecreated

C. help him namethe creatures

D. produce andfill the earth

2. TheGyeNyame symbolof theAkans signifies thatGod is

A. everywhere B. all-powerful C. all-seeing D.all-loving

3. Muslims believethat God created the rain in order to

A. give us rivers andfish

B. makeamightyocean

C. sustain plant and animal growth

D. cool the atmosphere

4. A lesson from thefallof man is that weshould

A. continueto do good

B. takeinstructions from people

C. beobedient to our leaders

D. love allequally

5. TheOneness of Allah isknown as

A. Tawhid B. Shahadah C. Shirk D. Tawaf

6. Thetwo dreams of Joseph focusedon

A. apprenticeship B. kinship C. leadership D.stewardship

7. ThesixthcommandmentYou shall notkillteaches a lesson on

A. respectand fear ofGod

B. punishment forthose who kill

C. the respect forhuman life

D. man beingmorevaluablethan animals

8. TogbeTsaligavehis jaws to his people as a

A. totem to beworshipped

B. powerful instrument ofdivination

C. foundation stone forshrines

D. present to the kingafterhim

9. Which ofthe followingtraditional festivals is usedfor cleansing and purification ofsociety?

A. AdaeKese B. Akwasidae C. Kundum D. Odwira

10. Mu slims facethe east when prayingbecause

A. theybelievethat Allah isin the east

B. the sun rises from the east

C. ofthe position of theKabah

D. the Prophet camefrom the east

11. Christians callthe Fridayon which Jesus was crucifiedGood Friday because, it

A. marks thebeginningof theEasterfestivities

B. is a dayon which theyfast

C. marks the redemption from sin

D. shows the end ofJesus‟ministryonearth

12. A traditional chiefmaybedestooled if he A. becomes aborn-again Christian B. takes manywives

C. does not give birth to children

D. misuses stoolproperty

13. Theimmediate causeofMuhammad‟sdepartureto Madina was the

A. invitation from Yathrib

B. harsh conditions in Mecca

C. plan to kill him

D. desireto spreadIslam

14. Themoral significanceof most Akan naming ceremonies is

A. bravery B. patience C. truthfulness D. obedience

15. In traditional religion, buryingthe deadwith personal belongings signifiesthat

A. thereis lifeafter death

B. items aresent to thespiritual world

C. the dead payfortheirjourney

D. thereis hunger in thespiritual world

16. MostGhanaians name their childrenafter their ancestors. This act reveals their belief in

A. child birth B. reincarnation C. destiny D. spiritpowers

17. Which ofthe followingreligious practices isobserved bythe threemajorreligions in Ghana?

A. Ancestral worship B. Animal sacrifice C. Charity D.Fasting

18. Go d mademan asteward of the earth to

A. take careof the environment

B. control all livingthings

C. feed himself and others

D. name allcreatures

19. Thewashingof feet, hands and facebyMuslims beforeprayers is knownas

A. Janabah B. Nifas C. Wudu D. Janazah

20. Which ofthe following werenot amongthe twelvedisciples?

A. Matthew and James B. Simon and Andrews C. Peter and John

D. Paul and Barnabas

21. To respect theviews ofothers, onehas to be

A. honest B. calm C. tolerant D. patriotic

22. Greetings portrayan individual as being

A. gentleand obedient

B. God fearing and friendly

C. lovelyand sincere

D. respectfuland polite

23. Theproverbtastysoup draws seatsmeans

A. itis good to be niceto people

B. parties should bewellorganized

C. good dishes are always enjoyable

D. oneshould learn to copewith difficulties

24. A person who is sincere and uprightin his ways is said to be

A. generous B. tolerant C. honest D. grateful

25. Good behaviour patternapproved bysocietyis known as

A. loyalty B. moral value C. patriotism D. truthfulness

26. Renderingan apologyfor awrongdoneshows one as being

A. sincere B. repentant C. God-fearing D. comporting

27. Children who areobedient and live good moral lives are

A. hailed in society B. always successful C. promoted in school D. bright in school

28. Capital punishment is meant to A. rehabilitate offenders B. deterothers

C. avengea crime

D. compensate victims

29. Accordingto Jesus,the summaryof theten commandments is

A. love forGod and one‟sneighbour

B. obedienceto parents andthe elderly

C. observingtheSabbath and keepingitholy

D. worshippingonlyGod and not gods

30. Societyexpects usto perform good deeds in orderto

A. avoid failurein life

B. help avoid laziness

C. makepeople responsible

D. promotepeace and unity

31. A child who does not want themother to sleep willnot sleep either.

This implies that our wrongdeeds

A. affects usonly

B. affect us and others

C. makethe motherrestless

D. makeus unable to sleep.

32. Thespirit of patriotismis best shown bytheyouth of

A. YoungPeople‟sGuild.

B. Pentecost Youth Ministry. C. Asafo Company.

D. AhmadiyyaMuslimYouth

33. Which ofthe following can benoticed in thosewho usedrugs?

A. Quick response to questions in class

B. Disrespect for authority

C. Poor relationship with friends

D. Involvement in communal activities

34. One civicresponsibilityofa citizen is to

A. exposewrongdoers in the community

B. bewillingto accept correction

C. respect thetraditions of the community

D. look afterthe poorin thecommunity

35. Repentanceforone‟swrongaction is necessarybecause it

A. demonstrates thefear ofGod

B. makes onelivelong

C. repairs broken relationship

D. leads to better understanding

36. In thefamilysystem, anaunt is

A. abrother‟ssister

B. an uncle‟sdaughter

C. agrandparent‟ssister

D. a father ormother‟ssister

37. Onewayof livingachaste lifeis to avoid

A. talkingto theopposite sex

B. casual sex

C. challengingauthority

D. hard drugs

38. Privileges can beearned byshowingthat oneis

A. intelligent B. trustworthy C. decent D. hospitable

39. Storytellingis an important event in atraditionalhome becauseit

A. makes childrencreative

B. teaches moral values C. keeps childrenawake D. brings peopletogether

40. A pupil who is committed to his school willalways

A. beobedient to his parentsand learn hard B. love his teachers and wash their clothes C. buygifts forhis school when leaving

D. bepunctual and do his preps.

These are the answers for objective test two is given below

1. A. besatisfied with all that he would need






sustain plant and animal growth



beobedient to our leaders









the respect forhuman life



foundation stone forshrines






ofthe position of theKabah



marks the redemption from sin



misuses stoolproperty


C.plan to kill him




A.thereis lifeafter death






A.take careof the environment



20.D.Paul and Barnabas


22.D.respectfuland polite

23. A. itis good to be niceto people


25.B.moral value


27.A.hailed in society


29.A.love forGod and one‟sneighbour

30.D promote peace and unity

31.B.affect us and others



Asafo Company



Disrespect for authority



exposewrongdoers in the community



repairs broken relationship



a father ormother‟ssister



casual sex






teaches moral values



bepunctual and do his preps

Essay part for part two aspect of our essay question.


Answers onequestion only from this section

1. (a) (b) Narrate Jesus‟teachingon salt andlight in the Sermon on theMount.

What threelessons couldbelearnt from the useofsalt and light?

2.(a)Identifythe five dailyprayers offered byMuslims.

(b)State four reasons whyprayer is important totheMuslim.

3.Mention four causes of death.

b.Give four reasons whydeath rites areperformed.


Answer one question only from this section

4. (a) Listanyfour types of punishment.


State four reasons whypupils arepunished inyour school.

5. (a) (b) Mention fourgood deedsthat merita reward. Identifyfoureffects of rewards.

6. (a) Mention four forms ofgreetings inyourcommunity.


State four moral benefits that can bederived from greeting.


Answeronequestion only from this section

7. (a) Describethenuclear familysystem.

(b) Mention three advantages andthreedisadvantagesof thenuclear familysystem.

8. (a) What is leisure?

(b) Give five reasons whyleisureis important to

This questions and it's answers will help you to acquire your grade and also boost you towards your exam. This is because it is also counted as of the BECE past questions. If you could solve some you can do well in this aspect.

Below are some of the R.M.E exam paper questions.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Please kindly share this questions with others to solve some. Leave your comment if you may need any help in some aspect and also don't forget to follow for more.

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