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Check your pronunciation …Is it pronounced ‘’OH NION OR A NION’’

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The English language is one interesting language with variety of rules governing words and how they are pronounced. There is this notion that, ‘’we can choose to pronounce it like how everybody is pronouncing it’’. Do we think that is right? If not, then let us look at words, their correct pronunciation and the wrong ones.

Words we pronounce wrongly because of the silent letters in between them. The silent letters in the words have been deepen

There are more of these but let us look at the common ones

1.      Honest is pronounced Anest not horr nest

2.      Parliament is pronounced parliment  not parliament

3.      Country is pronounced Kantri   not country (as in counting)

4.      Plumber is pronounced plumer  not plumber

5.      Chocolate is pronounced choclate not chocolate

6.      Soften is pronounced sofin not softin

General words we usually pronounce wrongly because everyone does the same


7.      Onion is pronounced    anion  not  ohnion

8.      Budget is pronounced   bajit  not  bajet

9.      Judge is pronounced   jadge  not  jerge

10.  Cover is pronounced   kava   not  korva

11.  Student is pronounced   stewdent   not stoodent

12.  Monkey is pronounced   mankey   not  mornkey

13.  Publish is pronounced       pablish   not  porblish.

14.  Front is pronounced         frant        not   front

15.  Comfort is pronounced Kamfort   not   komfort

There are more of them and I will encourage you to search and improve your English. Please like and share

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