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Biography of Valentina Mintah-Newly appointed ICC Executive Board Member

InfoGhMedia 06/29/2020

Ghanaian business mogul Valentina Mintah has been appointed onto the Executive Board of the International Chamber of Commerce.

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The International Chamber of Commerce is the world's largest business network which has spread in over 130 countries. It has served over a billion with employment all over the world.

Valentina Mintah is the first Ghanaian to ever make it to the executive board of the noble organisation. She owns and manages a company by name West Blue Company in Ghana. Madam Valentina Mintah has worked for a hardware and computer producing company. Being known to the world as a great business mogul, Valentine has worked in Crown Agents in the United Kingdom. She is specialised in Business Systems Analysis and Design.

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Valentina Mintah has worked with major associations like the European Union, United Nations, World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. She has founded a number of companies in the country and has been accredited in Africa.

The other appointed members include Jane Sun from China, Takeshi Niinami from Japan, Sheikh Al-Thani from Qatar. and others.

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