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46years man dies after arguing with his wife

Topnotchnews 06/29/2020

News reaching the front desk of cocoabrownnews has it that, a 46years old man died at hospital after arguing with his wife. How could this be? Was he cursed? Let's find out from our correspondent.

The whole incident started with argument between the two couples which lead to fighting, the wife on the other couldn't fight her husband that much, so she pulled his manhood which in turn made her husband fainted on the floor.

He was rushed to hospital by one of the eye witnesses who the wife later called for help. At the hospital, the doctor tried to save the man but it was too late for that. So she loss her husband due to what she did. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

She began crying very hard at the hospital but she was blamed by the eye witness who helped in carrying him to the hospital. What at all may be the case behind this dreadful fight. Well, according what managed to gather, it because the wife thinks her husband was cheating. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Source: opera.com
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Gideonk.Ankamah · 06/30/2020
now that you have killed him,chew his meat
Gideonk.Ankamah · 06/30/2020
she go see what she go chop now,mo se mo agimi
Gideonk.Ankamah · 06/30/2020
this is serious
PeterChabi · 06/30/2020
too bad,women of nowadays

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