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"This is a ruling and not a judgement"- NDC plaintiff cries out.

ebensaah 06/26/2020

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A member of the NDC communication team, Mr Mark Takyi Benson and a plaintiff at the Supreme Court regarding Electoral Commission of Ghana intention of compiling a new voters register cries against the Supreme Court their ruling instead of judgement.

Just like the former president, John Dramani Manama expressed disappointing in a press briefing, Mr Takyi Benson also did same.

Mr Mark Takyi Benson has given a great concern which needs the public attention. In his explanation he added that, he was surprised at the incident which happened at the Supreme Court yesterday, 24th June, 2020.

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He expressed dissatisfaction on the fact that a court hearing such as that their simple hearing case at Supreme court should have come along with judgement and not ruling alone.

Mr. Mark Takyi Benson gave reference to the Election petition which the New Patriotic Party sent to the Supreme Court in 2020.

He explained that, regardless of the days and the complication of the case, the Supreme Court as at that time gave a ruling with a judgement. In order words, the Supreme Court gave a detailed interpretation to reasons for dismissing the New Patriotic Parties claims against the Electoral Commission.

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In order to have a full comprehension of what the plaintiff is crying about, let find out the meaning of ruling and judgement.

The difference between ruling and judgement

Meaning of ruling

lawpross.org defines ruling as the outcome of a court’s decision, whether on some particular point of law (such as the admissibility of evidence) or on the case as a whole. A ruling may lead to an order–a court’s written direction or determination, which may be either interlocutory (on an intermediate matter), or more broadly, final (and therefore dispositive of the entire case).

From the above definition, you can deduce that ruling is authoritative in nature. It is very tight without opportunity or flexibility.

Meaning of Judgement

lawprose.org also defines judgment as a court’s final determination of the rights and obligations of the parties. It “includes a decree and any order from which an appeal lies.” Fed. R. Civ. P. 54(a). Traditionally, a court of law renders a judgment.

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In this sense, the Mr. Mark Takyi Benson is crying because the Supreme Court didn't give the New Democratic Congress the vacuum for understanding as far their case is concern.

Mr. Takyi Benson is of the view that, setting 15th June, 2020 as the day to collect judgement on the ruling yesterday limit them from taking further action.

He stated further that, there will be no need for review, because the Electoral Commission would have already begun the registration process.

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YakubuAli_02 · 06/27/2020
Don't worry, God would give His judgement on December 7!

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