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Nana Hoahi's Family Rain Another Curse with Dog, Sheep, fowl and others.

PStheauthor 06/28/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. It is getting interesting and scarly by day. The family of Nana Osei Bonsu Hoahi which includes: His mother, Twin brother and his uncle have done it again. They have rained new curse which is very scarly in a river. If something is not done imedeately, many people will end up losing their lives.

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This time, they used Sheep, dog, fowl, ten (10) eggs one for each group, Shnap, pepper and others. Their main reason was to defend the truth. The curse was targeted to these personalities: Rev. Kwaku Antwi Agyei, popularly known as Rev. Obofour. The founder and leader of Anointed Palace Chapple (APC) and his Entire family. They added some section of his church members: Rev. Kennedy Affreh an associate to Rev. Obofour. Aunte Bee and all his juniour pastors.

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One Kumawood Actor and Blogger called: Ogyam and his entire family members. Maame Ngege, the Police CID Boss and officers who handled the case. The Judge who sat on the case as well as any body who has been bribed with money from any source in order to twist the truth. This time they were demanding their death as the sheep, dog and the fowl. One worker at Next TV also got his fair share. They cursed anybody who have insulted their brother because of this case. In fact, they were sure their brother was clean. Per their dimina. They do not understand why Hiahi has been reminded. They are looking for Justice for their blood brother.

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They ivoked uncountable number of river god's and others spirit in addition to thunder to fight on their behalf. This time they want all of them to die with their families and entire generations. They also mentioned one guy called Asare, who according to them, called Nana Hoahi on life program. He reported being a withnesed to an alledge murder case by Rev. Obofour at Compound Elibo. He promised to testify in count to support the truth but he ended up changing his mouth in the court of law. Hoahi's family added Asare's family members living at Compound Elibo in the Western region of Ghana.

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According to the family, police and the leaders in the country cannot be trusted. They were of the view that, this case between Rev. Obofour and Nana Osei Bonsu Hoahi has opened their eyes to conclude that, many people are in prison for no wrongs. Infact, I have never withness a curse like that in my entire life.

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The question is why off late, people are using curses as a means of proven their innocence? Have they lost trust and believe in the legal system in the country? Our leaders need to wake up and check our policing system.

We are following this case keenly to give you update as it happens. Follow me for more updates on this issue and other insightful articles.

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+233-27980**** · 06/29/2020
your guess is as good as everyone's own
GUEST_z3EoPpPRX · 06/28/2020
there's nothing they can do to rev obofour
+233-55241**** · 06/28/2020
The Asante Kingdom must call these foolish family to order.
EmmanuelOwusu_51 · 06/28/2020
as3m asi

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