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New Voters Registration is Foolish, Reckless and Dangerous - Kwesi Pratt

DennisOptymyst 06/25/2020

Mr. Kwesi Pratt Jr., the Managing Editor of the Insight Newspaper is one person who has been incessantly consistent in his criticism of the proposed New Voters Register by the Electoral Commission (EC). He has often condemned the non-commonsensical tendencies and rigid posture taken by the EC even in the light of the obvious risks posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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While making his submission as guest on "Good Morning Africa" on Pan African Television, on Thursday June 25, the vociferous journalist minced no words in describing the upcoming exercise as foolish, reckless and dangerous to the lives of Ghanaians.

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Mr. Pratt debunked claims by those who favour the new registration that the risk of the Coronavirus pandemic cannot be avoided since we still have to queue and vote with or without a new register. He said having just one risk is better than having double risks. He expressed this claims by saying "I am really disgusted with what is happening. The Electoral Commision should be minded by the fact that it is too risky. We cannot avoid some risks, but we should consciously be making efforts to minimise the risks."

The journalist then expressed strong sentiments by saying "this new registration exercise, I have to be careful to tamper with my words and I am going to be very careful in tampering with my words. It is foolish, it is reckless, it is dangerous." He argued that several surveys have been conducted on the need for a new register and the results points to the reality that about 70 to 80 percent of Ghanaians dont want to go through a new registration. He hoped that the Supreme Court verdict on the need for a new registration today preserves the dignity and right of the Ghanaian.

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Meanwhile, the Supreme Court few hours ago dismissed the case filed by NDC and one Ghanaian citizen seeking to stop the EC from compiling a new register or include the existing voters ID card as a proof of identity. Thus, the EC can go on to compile a new register without the use of existing voters ID as already scheduled on June 30.

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PrinceSarpong_09 · 06/25/2020
Pratt kwassi is he normal,,,,, l think that man is kwasia paaaaaoo9ooo
+233-26645**** · 06/25/2020
Kwesi Pratt is the only sensible person in the whole world!
+233-055777**** · 06/25/2020
This man has become a disaster
sirbill · 06/25/2020
don't mind ugly kwasi Pratt.he doesn't talk sense.they have bribed him and Franklin cudjoe.he should go and tell supreme court dat their decision were reckless and dangerous.foolishman

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