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Ogyam Fires Wohoahi's Mother And Brother For Cursing Rev. Obofour

AHATANofficial 06/25/2020

Our juicy story but itchy story today is about wohoahi's arrest and the issue about the curing of Rev. Obofour. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Ogyam who happens to be judas in this case as he have now turned his back against his old friend wohoahi.

Ogyam claims he will never support evilness and even advised his old friend wohoahi not to accuse Rev obofour without any concrete or solid evidence to protect himself and solidify his accusations.

Ogyam claims he is disappointed in wohoahi's family as to why they cursed Rev. Obofour despite the many.

Ogyam continued that,their family accused a man of been involved in murder and had no evidence to prove his guilt.He start this dangerous game and you never warned him how he was playing with fire.

Your curse will not have any effect on me nor Obofour,because wohoahi is truly guilty ogyam continued.On the other side, ogyam thinks it's stupidity to curse when you are not really certain.

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