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Guys! You need these tips to get a lady’s attention

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It can be quite stressful as a guy trying to get the attention of that fine babe in your hood or that beautiful girl sitting next to you. Sometimes, some guys do not know what to do for the girl of their dreams to even look at them. Well, if this is your situation, relax and let’s look at some tips that will surely get the attention of the pretty damsel you’ve been drooling over and maybe even get you her phone number.

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It is highly rude to sit somewhere and whistle, clap or say “sss sss” when trying to get a lady’s attention. You are the one interested in talking to her so, you should have common courtesy to at least approach or get close to her. Take your time to gently walk up to her, greet and initiate conversation. Being a gentleman requires absolute respect for ladies so, never try to get a woman’s attention by sitting afar and calling her.

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Your outfit

It is commonly said that you are addressed by the way you are dressed. Dressing speaks volumes about a person, most especially, men. As a matured, learn to pay special attention to how you look, your outfit and your sense of style. It is a pure fact that ladies like guys who are well dressed and suited up. No one is saying you should dress too much or wear expensive clothes. Don't wear clothes that make you look 85 and don't also dress looking like a punk on the street. Just make it a point to look fly at all times especially when you want to approach a lady. It makes your work a bit easier.

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Trust me, no lady wants to be around a guy who smells like garlic and smoke. Pay key attention to your body smell. If you know you have some armpit issues, get some lime and deodorant before it is too late. Make sure you bathe regularly and remove sweaty clothes as soon as possible. Be sure to use a very good cologne or perfume you can afford. A good smell will be sure to leave a mark on her memory and thoughts of you will be associated with that smell; scoring you your 3 points.

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Good eye contact

When talking to a lady, do well to maintain eye contact. Don't stare too much to the point of making her uncomfortable but don't be afraid to look into those bold beautiful eyes. Doing this sends a message that you are confident and bold. If you are looking down at your shoes or playing with your phone, it portrays you as shy and insecure and you surely don’t want that. Make sure to look into her eyes and put on a good smile. Watch her closely and be sure to observe her facial movements.

With these tips and more, you are surely on your way to hanging out with all the cool girls around town! Make your move today and get the girl of your dreams!


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