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This Is How Lil Win Looks Like Without Make up; Make Up Boy - Patapaa

LokkoBabe 06/24/2020

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It's certain that the misunderstanding or friction between Ghanaian actor and musician Lil Win and 'One corner ' hitmaker,Patapaa is far from over.

For sometime now, these fine -looking gentlemen have been at each other's throat and hurling unprintable words against each other .

For now, the 'One Corner' hit maker and Ghana's hopeful for the Grammy Awards, Patapaa has taken to social media to make fun and tease Lil Win with respect to how 'good' he looks.

According to Patapaa, Lil Win is a make up; implying that Lil Win always applies make up in all his dealings in town.

Attached to his post was a picture which he described as Lil Win without make up.

Probably, you can have a look at the picture and judge for yourself if Lil Win looks so bad in the picture and probably needs make up.

Do you also think Lil Win is really a make up boy?

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Source: opera.com
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