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Dr. Lawrence writes:The NPP is not a stable Party

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We thank God that the NPP finished their primaries on Saturday. There were fights, cheats and missing names but that is normal during NPP primaries. At least, so far as I know, there were no casualties, first in the history of the NPP. Congratulations to the victor's. 

The above paragraph was how I started my article on Monday after the NPP primaries. Guess what, I was wrong. Yesterday, it was announced on Angel FM that one delegate, after collecting his bribe, had a confrontation with his wife about the money, and shot her. Thinking that the wife was dead, he pointed the gun to himself and blew his head. The incident happened at Dormaa Akwamu. 

So you see, the “rule of law” and “we have the men” party couldn’t finish with their primaries without any casualties. The curses in the party are too much. I thought they will be clean this time, but they have proved me wrong. 

The long and short of it is that, the NPP is not a safe and stable party. It is a limping horse going into the elections. Just vote them out in December.

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Top Comments
CharlesDC · 07/18/2020
very useless write up from idiot
TurboMann · 07/3/2020
NPP Dec 2020 election Yamutu!!!

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