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Ghana's political parties to unite after COVID-19?

optimistblog1 06/25/2020

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We have all had the shock of our lives already and it's good unfortunately. I must say there's no point in causing further panic and manifesting our selfish desires at this time.

However, we must for once act like we had been adorned adequately with brain cells as Ghanaians.

To those who are so much poised to score political points, to those who are eager to make riches out of this pandemic dubiously, to our leaders, to the wealthy folks of our homeland; it's about time we woke up to the call of selflessness.

It is rather shameful that it should take a pestilent like what we are suffering now to motivate us to think.

However, it's worthy of note that much us a foolish folk who starts to think critically and share sensible opinion eventually earns the title of a sage; likewise our selflessness in this trying times would be a light over the darkeness we subjected the lives of some innocent poor folks to in our in our quests to secure political power and amass wealth.

I wish to move that for the first time in the history of Ghana let's think as human beings who breathe the same air and are subjected to the same weather.

For our eagerness to become more powerful, more successful, and wealthier has zero ratings in the absence of that fellow we disregard. God bless Ghana our homeland, God bless you beloved, stay safe, I love you all.

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