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Pay our arrears or close the schools Again -Teacher Unions to government

Maxda2863 06/25/2020

The global pandemic(covid-19) has in recent times contributed to the closing down of schools across the globe. Countries feared there might be spikes in cases if that option is not choosing. The president of Ghana announced the immediate closing of schools when news broke that a student of the university of Ghana has returned from overseas with the deadly virus. After a two weeks lock down and a gradual easing of restrictions, the government of Ghana and the covid management team in consultation with the Ghana health services and Ministry of Education have decided to reopen school for final year university students, final year SHS students and form 2 gold track students and JHS 3 pupils.

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Sources at the GNAT and NAGRAT secretariats is hinting of a possible strike action immediately the JHS 3 pupils resume. This is because the ministry of education and the Ghana Education Service had always refused to honour promises they made on the payment of arrears to teachers.

The said arrears dates as far back as 2013 to 2016. The teachers think the monies have depreciated and must be paid as soon as possible.

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This issue of teachers arrears came up in December 2019 when the three teacher Unions Gnat, Nagrat and Cct declared a strike action but were compelled to resume work by a court order. The government through the Education Ministry and the Ghana Education Service assured teachers and the general public of their commitment to pay those monies in December 2019 after validation. It is rather unfortunate the government didn't fulfil this promise.

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I believe Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh will intervene to avert any strike action to ensure that final year students of SHS and JHS gets sound minds to prepare for their exams.

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Top Comments
GUEST_nN13o1J5w · 06/25/2020
your unions are not helping you at all and they only care for themselves with their selfish interest so it must dissolve immediately. Teachers are taking low salaries you cannot even appeal to the government for a better salary structure you rather fighting for a arrears which is not even necessary. Teachers, your unions are the cause of low salaries and other incentives so you must take action against them because they don't for your service to the government.
JudeAkuliyaseidu · 06/25/2020
The move is loudable and timely but for me I don't trust our union leaders
SampsonAyeh_01 · 06/25/2020
If the president and the government have decided that they will not pay our arrears and moreover increase our salaries, they should wait teachers will show them their RED CaRD for the NDC to come and pay that arrears.
DesmondDellor · 06/25/2020
Please have mercy on Napo in such a time like this whilst he is recuperating from COVID-19 at UGMC.

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