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Quarantine Diaries [Episode 2]

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Nicholas woke up from bed the following day but he didn't give the usual good morning peck on Joanne forhead, which surprised her so she turned up to Nicholas and said honey where is my good morning kiss but Nicholas not saying a word stared at her for a while and walked away in silence. Are you okay Joanne asks her husband, I'm fine Nicholas answered as she made her way to the kitchen to prepare their breakfast but Nicholas refused to eat. Tilly who saw how her dad was feeling told Joanne to call the doctor because it seemed to her that daddy was under the weather but Joanne smiled and said to her daughter that she should not worry because her dad is feeling fine.

Tilly baby, Tilly baby Nicholas called out his daughter from the hall were he was resting on the sofa, yes daddy!! as Tilly happily run towards the hall to meet her dad. How are you dear, as Nicholas carried Tilly on to his lap, I'm fine daddy but I know you are sick you are not happy, I told mum to call the doctor for you okay. Nicholas smiled and picked up Tilly and tapped her at the back, saying I'm fine dear, I don't need a doctor okay. Okay daddy then smile for me said Tilly as Nicholas hysterically smiled back at his daughter then Joanne got closer to them and joined their little conversation as she asked her daughter how come they are both smiling together and who they are talking about but Nicholas replied back to her that they are just discussing about his health. Yeah that's reminds me, honey we need talk said Joanne; about what Nicholas replied back.

I think we should go inside Joanne said with a stern look on her face.Alright then, as Nicholas approved to it and asked Tilly to go watch TV in the hall as he will shortly be with her, as they both made their way to the bedroom to start their conversation; honey I've realised you have been behaving weird since yesterday after you abandoned my food on the dining table.What's the problem? Have I done anything wrong , Joanne said to Nicholas as they were both facing each other. Hmmm, I'm sorry dear Nicholas said holding Joanne waist, it's just about the lockdown and I have been idle doing nothing,it's getting me boring. So is that enough reason to abandon my food, Joanne said angrily; honey the lockdown is affecting us all but you shouldn't make me feel I caused it by abandoning my food and acting weird towards me, you refused me the usual good morning peck on bed this morning, what about that; as Joanne turned her back at Nicholas fuming with anger.

I'm sorry my love it won't happen again as Nicholas shown remorse to her wife about what she was just lamenting about. This is the time you got to spend time with your family, I've always been with Tilly whenever you leave this house for work, I've missed you this is the time I have you, so make this moment lovely for me said Joanne as she went towards the arms of Nicholas. I understand babe, sorry for my actions said Nicholas as they both hugged. Suddenly Joanne phone rings which she quickly picks, can I call you back please Joanne said to the caller but on the phone the caller uttered this words I miss you dear please call me when you are done with whatever you are doing okay. Okay bye, as Joanne hangs up the call but Nicholas out of curiosity asked Joanne who she was speaking to on the phone but she replied to him that it's just a colleague from her workplace. So they got back to their conversation as Nicholas apologized to Joanne for everything which she accepted but asked Nicholas to give her morning peck he was owing her. Nicholas smiled and gave her a peck on her forehead and whispered I love you to her wife.

Later that day, Joanne was in the kitchen preparing lunch her phone was on charge in the hall then a text came in.

It reads hello baby, I know he was around that's why you couldn't speak to me, I'm sure he has always been around you that's why we can't talk, but I still think about you all night. Our last meeting was a blast. How I wish this pandemic is over so you will ride me again like a polo horse. Take care baby, and don't let him enjoy it all alone it's mine too bye.

Nicholas upon seeing the message on her wife's phone took a shot of it with his phone and sits to read a novel, Tilly went to the kitchen where her mum asked her where her dad was, he is watching TV in the hall Tilly replied back, go and get me my phone dear it's on charge in the hall so Tilly quickly went and brought the phone to her mum who saw the text message on her phone. But Nicholas in a state of a dilemma asked Joanne after their meal, asking her if he have done anything wrong to her that she haven't told him just yet, but her wife with a confused face said to him that she have nothing against her husband, as Nicholas with a face of uncertainty asked Joanne whether she is sure about what she was saying because he just wanted to apologise to her on whether he has offended her one way or the other. Come on honey, you have done nothing against me, what I wasn't happy about, we resolved that in the morning. I'm cool now said Joanne. Okay babe, but don't forget I love you said Nicholas as they were packing up the plates to the kitchen, I love you too Joanne also replied back with a smile.

Moments later Nicholas went out to have some fresh air outside when Joanne made a call with the number that texted her earlier on at noon, but unknown to Joanne Tilly heard part of the conversation her mum was having on the phone so she went outside to ask his dad the meaning of the statement she just heard from her mum on the phone. So she approached him and said, daddy what is the meaning of banging and I lost my period? Nicholas shocked looking at her daughter's face in bewilderment; Tilly where did you hear those words from; mum was telling someone on her phone so I want to know the meaning, Tilly replied back. They mean nothing dear said Nicholas they are words you will understand when you grow okay, as he held Tilly's hand to her room.

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