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Counselor Lutterodt reveals why every wife should be happy when their husband starts to Cheat.

MyLip 06/25/2020

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Counselor Lutterodt never ceases to amaze us with his controversial views about certain topics. He has been controversial ever since he entered into the Ghanaian media. Many even doubt his credibility as a counsellor based on his choice of words and arguments he presents when discussing certain issues.

Today June 25, 2020 on a panel discussion with Roselyn Felli on Breakfast Live which was aired on TV Africa, Counsellor Lutterodt once again made some interesting revelations. He said that any woman who cursed or quarreled with her husband for the reason of infidelity is not matured and wise.

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He argued that women should be glad when their husbands cheat on them. According to him, a man has respect in town not because of his achievements but rather because of the wife that he has.

He added that if a man misbehaves in public the fault is from the wife. It is the responsibility of the wife to work on the husband and make sure that he acts wisely in public.

He maintained that when a man starts to get attention from other women then it means there is something right going on in the man’s house. To him it means the man’s wife is doing a great job on the husband.

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He admonished women to be cheerful when their husbands get attracted to other women. He concluded that Kennedy Agyapong’s wife is very wise because she doesn’t fight the husband when he has children with other women. She readily accepts the obvious truth that her husband is being trained well in the house.

On the lighter note, counselor Lutterodt wondered why people place him as the third problem Ghana has. He acknowledged that he wants to be Ghana’s biggest problems because this will automatically mean many will listen to him.

When asked if Kennedy Agyapong is a problem in Ghana he added that Kennedy is not a problem. He opined that the law maker is neither an asset or a liability, but rather in-between.

What do you make of these revelations by Counsellor Lutterodt?

Should women be happy when they husband start flirting outside?

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