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Huge traffic jam from kasoa Brigade to kasoa Toll boot.

Kwatia 1d

Today is a bad day for those who are going to Kaneshie or even those who are using the Accra road.

I spend three to four hours going to SCC.

I even though is was an accident causing this huge traffic jam at kasoa Toll boot but not wasn't and I can't tell if they were slow in the the fees .

For me look at this traffic I'm really sure there's a minister appealing that road. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

How can Ghana be a developed country if this huge traffic keeps occurring.

This traffic jam is from kasoa Brigade to kasoa Toll boot.what are the Government doing about and even there's a police station closer to the toll boot but the police are not helping to speed up things.

We are appealing is the Government can do something about it because people are going to miss alot of important meetings.

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Top Comments
026172**** · 07/3/2020
Then go nd see the developed countries u are talking about
+233-20298**** · 07/10/2020
fake news. this is not Ghana. just look at the sign post
+233-24170**** · 07/9/2020
Pls your integrity is compromised per your report.please be truthful to us kk
NkmBoss · 07/5/2020
Lier,,I don't believe is Ghana here,,See that blue sign post on top there,,It is China language.,,so why Ghana?

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