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The Meaning Of The Supreme Court Ruling On The EC Vs NDC's Case; The New Voter's Register

KSTECH 06/25/2020

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The Meaning Of The Supreme Court Ruling On The EC Vs NDC's Case; The New Voter's Register

According to the Supreme Court of Ghana, the existing voter ID card and Birth Certificate cannot and will not be used as a proof of identity to register in the upcoming new voter registration exercise.

The Supreme Court Judgment today, threw out Mark Takye-Banson; A private citizen and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) challenge; Who were questioning the Electoral Commission's (EC) decision to compile an entirely new register by excluding the existing Voter ID.

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The Court, however, agrees with the NDC that the right to vote, once conferred on a person, cannot be diminished.

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Due to the decision of the Supreme Court, all actions pending against the Electoral Commission on the voter's ID registration in any Court is now halted. It therefore means, no one can challenge the EC about the compilation of the New voter's ID.


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The seven member panel who ruled on this case were;

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Chief Justice Kwasi Anin-Yeboah (President of the panel), Justice Dotse, Justice Paul Baffoe Bonnie, Justice Sule Gbadegbe, Justice Samuel Marful-Sau, Justice Nene Amegatcher and Justice Ashie Kotey


As we stated in our early post, there was a serious confusion at the supreme court as soon as the judgment was pronounced.

In fact, most lawyers at the premises were even confused together with the journalist who were at the premises as well.


After dismissing some of the reliefs that were sought by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and Mark Takye-Banson, The supreme court directed the Electoral Commission (EC) to go ahead with the voter registration exercise as it has scheduled initially.

According the Supreme Court;

The EC must make sure the registration is conducted in line with the Public Elections (Registration of Voters) Regulations 2012, C.I. 91 as amended as the newly passed Public Elections (Registration of Voters) Regulations, 2020 C.I. 126.


After the court directed the EC to conduct the the registration in line with the Public Elections (Registrations of Voters), the NDC, Mark Takye and the EC, in fact almost all persons in the Court were now confused as whether the Supreme Court had Upheld the use of the Existing Voter ID Card as an identity proof for the registration or not.


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In the mist of the confusion, the National General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) quickly had a brief encounter with media.

In his brief encounter, he said; The NDC feel vindicated since the existing voter ID is now accepted by the supreme court as a breeder document for the registration exercise.


Do you think the NDC was quick enough to make their pronouncement?

Do you think the actual ruling of the Supreme court in up to the expectations of Ghanaians?

Share your views in the comments section below.

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Top Comments
HassanNamdu · 06/25/2020
The judges are not fair to Ghanaians God will punish them
GaiseyKwaw · 06/25/2020
Ghana is not safe, how come the NIA used birth certificate but EC denied birth certificate.l wonder how Justice with wisdom can be seen. The White men are not superior than Black's but such attitudes can not pass their mind simple
tahiduhabib · 06/25/2020
The seven (7) judges headed by the chief Justice are the most bias judges Ghana ever had. look at how they throw cases haphazardly out of the Court and passing judgements in favour of the ruling government.Bias and corrupt judges and government.
MohammadZakaria · 06/26/2020
People should be mindful of the comments they pass. In fact it is highly pathetic that many Ghanaians are confused as to what EC and what Npp is. NDC didn't chase the Npp to court, rather the EC. So why all this insults and yelling on the government?

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