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Bishop Agyin Asare fakes all his miracles-Obotan

Calvary67 06/24/2020

The seat show hosted by Nkrumah on NET 2 TV interviewed an occult pastor who claims no have renounced his past life and delivered from the powers of darkness.

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Obotan, the guest for the show explained to Ghanaians all the tricks that they have been using on people who call them for help and how fake prophets, fake miracle just to get the attention of the public and fill the churches up.

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He boldly told listeners and the interviewer that Bishop Charles Agyin Asare, the general overseer for Perez chapel, one of Ghana's well known pastor who is highly respected is a fake Prophet and has been faking miracles all this while just to please the public.

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He added that there is no Prophet in Ghana except Eastwood Anaba. For Eastwood he can godly say he is a genuine man of God who is not interested in tricking anyone to get attention, fame and money.

Obotan challenged Bishop Charles Agyin Asare to face him, if he truly he is a genuine man of God and is not faking his miracles.

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He added that Bishop Charles Agyin Asare speaks the truth and so a lot of people do not know he has been faking a lot of things in his ministry and is using his gentleness to cover his bad acts.

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Top Comments
GUEST_LR5dYWYoN · 06/25/2020
I have been in his meetings. on one occasion, He said a young man had lost his teeth and a indeed a young man stood to confirm. he asked him to open his mouth for all to see the lost tooth, and I saw it like many others. he prayed and a brand new tooth appeared. it was a great miracle and his miracle ministry has gone to so many Nations and many white people have benefited. He cannot be fake just because Obinim went to him for mentorship. Obinim started his church and was already popular before going to him. This Pastor Appiah thinks because he is fake others who are more successful are fake too. Agyine Asare is a man of God.
ApauWalterProsper · 06/25/2020
Being fake doesn't mean you're miracles are fake. It just means
EricAfful_04 · 06/25/2020
When people smoke weed and their heads begin to pump hard, they type stuff like those and come and inflict on we the readers..... What nonsense? When bishop Agyin Asare started were you born..... Anytime preachers day anything your government doesn't like then you come out saying all sort of things to disrespect them.... Shame on you npp apologies.....
+233-57799**** · 06/24/2020
What nonsense is this babbler saying that there is only one genuine pastor in Ghana and Agyin Aware is fake Massa this is trash Eastwood Ababa himself can tell this babbler who Aghin Aware is Travel to the nations Aware has been and talk to well known men of God who have invited Aware to their ministries Anyone gets up saying they have repented nd say all kinds on nonsense Anyone who is worki g with the Holy Spirit knows who Aware is in the body of Christ When he started in Tamale trying to teach the word of God with Muslims fighting him where were you Stop this trash bcos any one insulting the work of the Holy Spirit will be in trouble the no me says so

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