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Ketu South armed force flood: We don't need Ghana to burn in view of political issues – Agyinasare

Odamegabriel 06/29/2020

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The Presiding Bishop of Perez Chapel International, Bishop Charles Agyinasare, has said Ghana must not consume in light of governmental issues. 

Depending on Jeremiah 29:7, which says: 'And look for the tranquility of the city whither I have made you be diverted hostages, and ask unto the Lord for it: for in the harmony thereof will ye have tranquility', to underscore the requirement for appointive harmony in Ghana, the author of Perez Chapel International, who is famously alluded to as the Nations' Pastor, stated: "We have to appeal to God for the enlistment practice and the political decision that it would not make any disarray in this nation". 

In his virtual message on Sunday, 28 June 2020, Bishop Agyinasare stated: "The restriction NDC claims the decision NPP has sent troopers, security staff and vigilantes to their fortress, particularly Ketu South, to scare their kin from enrolling; and the administration is additionally saying outsiders from Togo come to enlist so they need to forestall that". 

He proceeded: "A few individuals from the NDC consider it to be a presentation of war on their turf and the administration considers it to be: 'No chance are they going to withdraw'". 

The righteous man cautioned: "This is the main nation we have. We would prefer not to run from our own nation. We don't need this nation to consume in light of governmental issues". 

Aside from Bishop Agyinasare, other unmistakable citizenry have additionally spoken on the unexpected inundation of armed force faculty in the Volta Region. 

Among them is previous President Jerry John Rawlings, who said the organization of officers along Ghana's outskirts in the Volta and Oti districts, is producing ill will among the residents whose fundamental lifestyle, as per ex-military pioneer, is being upset. 

Local people in the district, especially in the Ketu South region, just as the greatest resistance, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and its Minority Volta Caucus in Parliament, have denounced the convergence. 

Mr Rawlings, in an announcement, noticed that: "The nearness of the military and other security organizations in certain pieces of the Volta and Oti Regions is producing enmity, particularly among blameless residents whose essential lifestyle is being disturbed". 

"The arrangement along the outskirts at peacetime, particularly at this specific point in time, has made so much doubt and will require a great deal of wise adaptability and perseverance". 

"The COVID-19 limitations have made enough challenges for the greater part of our residents. Let us not exacerbate it with oppressive and scaring conduct towards our outskirt occupants whose work exclusively rely upon exercises along the fringe". 

"In front of the voter enlistment practice and the December races, it is significant that we show a feeling of reasonableness and equity to all people and gatherings of individuals while keeping up the trustworthiness and the sacredness of the procedure." 

Likewise, the banner conveyor of the NDC, Mr John Mahama, has said sending troops to specific pieces of the nation when the inhabitants are getting a charge out of harmony, adds up to announcing war on them. 

In an announcement marked by his own assistant Joyce Bawah Mogtari, Mr Mahama said "I have adequate motivation to accept that there is merit in the worries raised by the occupants of these Regions. This speaks to another uncommon low in the bold maltreatment of state capacity to assault the very residents whose wellbeing and security the Akufo-Addo government ought to be ensuring. It is getting obvious constantly, that the Akufo-Addo government sees political force as an end in itself henceforth the hotel to such unrefined and oppressive measures to usurp the command of the individuals. 

"To send troops into districts in the midst of harmony for the sole reason for keeping them from enrollment adds up to proclaiming war on them. Any President authorizing such an action remains in penetrate of his promise to the individuals of Ghana. Any President doing this submits a grave sin against the very individuals he vowed to secure". 

The announcement included: "The singling out of the Volta, Oti and different locales for this sort of assault must be censured by all. We can't stay quiet while a piece of our nation is underestimated because of political estimation. The individuals of those districts claim all authority to help any ideological group of their decision and ought not be rebuffed treacherously for doing as such. Mr President put a prompt end to this unnecessary attack and satisfy your promise of office which ties you to treat all Ghanaians similarly and guarantee their wellbeing and security". 

Be that as it may, Adansi Asokwa MP, Mr K. T. Hammond, has clarified that the abrupt deluge of warriors in Ketu South is intentionally to keep neighboring Togolese from traverse into Ghana to participate in the Electoral Commission's up and coming voter enlistment work out. 

Addressing the media on the issue, Mr Hammond clarified that: "The Togolese and the Voltarians – when I talk about Voltarians, the Volta Region – recall the history ... fundamentally a similar clan, in this way, they stroll into [Ghana] however they are not Ghanaians". 

"At the point when they stroll in there, they can do whatever they [want], along these lines, I surmise that is the purpose behind that [military influx]". 

"There is a great model", he reviewed. "You recall 2008, the second round; we had so a lot – 100,000 or so casts a ballot driving Prof Mills at the time round. In the following cycle, one voting demographic, Ketu South, cleared all the [votes] we had. Where did they originate from?" he inquired. 

"So, everyone from any place, they came to cast a ballot, anyway, this is what the entire thing is around; 35,000 individuals at the time casted a ballot; the following one, everyone on earth casted a ballot there; where were they coming from? 

"In this way, this is the entire issue: we need there to be mental soundness", he included, taking note of: "The military is there to ensure that you vote on the off chance that you are a Ghanaian, you vote on the off chance that you have the protected option to cast a ballot; it's as simple as that", said. 

"They [military personnel] are not appointive officials, however they are a peacekeeping power ... In this way, the fighters, the police and migration are simply keeping up the harmony, ensuring there's no invasion. That is to say, gone ahead, we should be not kidding; what's the point in experiencing all that we've experienced, to the Supreme Court and all that at that point permit a permeable fringe for individuals to come through and afterward penetrate the register once more? We would have been returned to where we began". 

Remarking on the issue, as well, law educator Kwaku Asare, prevalently known as Kwaku Azar, composed via web-based networking media that Mr Hammond's remarks are "alarming" and "profoundly upsetting", including that neither the administrator nor the military can choose who a Ghanaian resident is. 

Peruse Prof Kwaku Asare's remarks beneath: 

We are being told by K. T. Hammond that "the military is at the Aflao fringe to ensure you vote in the event that you are a Ghanaian and on the off chance that you have the protected option to cast a ballot. That is everything that matters. They are not discretionary officials but rather they are peacekeeping powers. They are keeping the harmony." 

I rehash; 

Citizenship is an issue of law. Neither K.T. Hammond, the military nor anybody can conclude who is or who isn't a resident of Ghana. 

I have refered to the instance of Bonito Olympio whose father was Sylvanus Olympio, a previous President of Togo. 

The NLC endeavored to extradite him to Togo just for the then Justice Wiredu to hold that both Bonito and Sylvanus are Ghanaians by drop. 

Comity requires that if no one is addressing Mr. Hammond's citizenship then he, as well, ought not be scrutinizing the citizenship of others. 

I discover his announcement and disposition terrifying and profoundly upsetting. I dismiss it completely. 

I additionally approach the military metal not to permit its people to be utilized as citizenship reviewers!! 

We are a serene country since we live in harmony. We should keep it 

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robertkandibiga · 06/30/2020
the fear of the people trigger the worry
+233-54608**** · 06/30/2020
and they call themselves pastors
EmefaKudu · 07/1/2020
he is speaking the truth

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