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The Hype was not worth it - Ghanaians to Anas' Expose (Images)

SeniorSantene 06/29/2020

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There have been mixed reaction from Ghanaians after Anas' latest exposé which was aired today on several television stations.

Whilst some Ghanaians were impressed with the work of the astute investigative journalist, others expressed their dissapointments.

It can be recalled that, last week, the Tiger Eye pi's boss announced their intention to air a new exposé which was dubbed " Corona quacks and thieves." Anas Aremeyaw Anas who seems to have gone on exile after the number 12 exposé bounced back with this new investigative work.

A snippet was released to satisfy Ghanaians. curiosity on the new exposé. As expected, the exposé was aired on several television stations at exactly 8:30pm.

Anas' exposé captured some quack doctors who touted that they have a cure to covid 19.

Their cover was blown by Anas to the FDA. The FDA also took an action to arrest these quack doctors.

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Some Ghanaians not so impressed with Anas' work, took to various social media platforms to express their disapointment .

A lot of Ghanaians reacted that , Anas should rather channel his attention to exposing the people who murdered one of his accomplices , Ahmed Suale.

Below are how some Ghanaians reacted to Anas' exposé.(images)

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Were you impressed with Anas' latest exposé?

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EmmanuelOppong_13 · 07/1/2020
he must be cleared off from this earth

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