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B.E.C.E Examination-The Simple Best Way To Write A Speech.

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English Language is a core subject that needs to be approached with all seriousness . English Language is quite simple but also complicated,in most times a lot of students find it difficult to tackle or do their best in certain aspects of English Language examination questions; aspects such as the composition and comprehension. Am going to take you through the best ways you can write your speech in the examination in order to get a higher mark and pass successfully.

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There are formal and informal speeches.Formal speech is delivered on occasions when important or distinguish people are invited .For example launching ceremonies, PTA meetings and schools prize-giving days while informal speech is a type of speech delivered on occasions such as club meetings,friend's meeting, and birthday parties.

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Features of the speech:

Every written speech has the following features ;

1.The title or heading;

This aspect of the speech must show the main topic to talk about,the speakers name and position ,the date and the place. For example ;


The sample title above is perfect to fetch you all your marks but be mindful, you must capitalize every character of your heading and it must be well underlined .

2.The introduction;

Addressing the audience with vocatives ,for example ; 'Mr. Chairman', "Ladies and Gentlemen" ,this are the vocatives you must start with and must include a brief summary of the main topic of the speech you are writing about or about to present.

3.The Body;

The body is the message itself . It is written in paragraphs . Because a speech is delivered orally , it is important for you to use connectives . This will help the examiner to understand want you are talking about very well and also give you a good mark

4.The conclusion;

This is the brief summary of the whole speech. You must end the speech by expressing your appreciations to the audience. You can say, for example, "Thank you very much for listening to me all this while".

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You will surely do better in every English composition question that fall under speech if only you list this steps down before you start writing the speech itself.Thank you very much.

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