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How easy is it to get gospel songs on Ghana's blogsites.

KubiFrancis 06/26/2020

I've come to realize that most blogging sites in Ghana hardly upload gospel songs on their blogging site.Actually I don't know what could be the main cause but I believe I can guess right. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

I'm a great fan of music when it comes to feeding my soul.any time there's a new song out there be it gospel or circular,the moment it content is good for me I don't waste time getting it on my phone or computer.

Do you know you hardly get gospel songs to download but very easy to get circular songs all over the net?The only time to get a Gospel song as soon as it's released is only when it Trending all over.this really bothered me so much so I decided to do my research on why gospel songs are not been uploaded frequently just like the circular music.

And here are some reasons why it is so,

1#.Gospel songs has low downloads.

A blogger told me that gospel songs has low downloads and streaming time which makes them loose revenue that's why they only upload trending ones or only when the artist makes a good offer for them to upload.

2#.Gospel musicians don't reach out for promotion.

According to my findings,most gospel musicians only promote their songs in churches than reaching out to the Bloggers for massive promotion.Let us not forget that after church we must get it online.

To be continued.

Source: opera.com
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