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NPP Primaries: Ghanaians Call For Justice For Religious Bodies.

FelixArmooh-Biney 06/25/2020

The hashtag 'Justice for all' has become popular on all social media platforms after citizens witnessed the NPP Primaries.

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Concerns raised are about NPP party members not observing the COVID-19 protocols rolled out for citizens to observe.

In the president's 10th address, religious bodies were to reopen for a congregation not exceeding 100 members or 25 percent threshold and service shouldn't last for more than an hour.

However, in the NPP Primaries there was an assembly of people more than 100 members crowded at various polling stations and the voting process lasting for more than an hour.

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There are pictures circulating online platforms that shows most party members where not observing the COVID-19 protocols.

Members where not wearing nose mask, no hand sanitizers, no thermometer guns in use and social distancing protocols seriously not observed.

Ghanaians believe that these were unpresidented and that if politicians can ignore COVID-19 protocols then churches and mosques shouldn't be limited and treated the way they have been treated by the government.

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Here I quote what a concern citizen who has joined the campaign wrote on his Facebook page.

"I join the many Ghanaians to demand Justice for pastors, church members and other citizens, who have been arrested and fined and some jailed for violating the COVID-19 protocols".

"There can't be selective application of the law. Churches and the general public can not meet without infestation, nose mask, thermometer guns, hand sanitizers, social distancing".

"Churches can't have congregation exceeding 100 and service should not exceed an hour, but politicians meet without nose mask, social distance, lasting several hours and security's are looking on."

#Justice for all

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Top Comments
1759Nongne · 06/25/2020
This is exactly what is going to happen during ECs registration exercise despite all the demonstrations and assurances given by the EC. Politicians don't care about our lives. All they want is power and money at all cost.
EstherMesrehNyame · 06/25/2020
aimless country we leave
OdehyiebaEmma · 06/25/2020
Lawless country

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