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Jubilation time for Ghanaian's as total covid-19 recoveries hit over 10k in the country.

Jaradmoxley20 06/25/2020

Since the outbreak of covid-19 the government and Frontline workers of Ghana has been having a sleepless night as day in day out they fight the pandemic with their very breath so we say thank you to the Frontline workers. But Ghanaian's have to celebrate because the recovery rate in Ghana's covid-19 has been able to hit a 10k mark which shows how fast and serious they are fighting it. Most people have criticized the government of fighting it with words we hope they could see what is happening and jubilate with us. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Although the country is the 4th country in Africa with most cases we could still depend on God and our skillful Frontline workers. The government seems to be making some decisions in order to make the wearing of masks compulsory for Ghanaian's to reduce the outbreak also most people have criticized the government for not closing down school's and letting the children go to school for their examinations during this crutial time let's hope and pray not to receive cases there as well.

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