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9 important things to know before dating or marriage

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Dating or marring the wrong partner can be really sad. Here are 9 important things to know before deciding to date or marry a person.

1. Know yourself before you start looking for someone. 

Knowing yourself can lead to self love which is much needed in relationships. It is unfair to burden someone with the concept of knowing you when you don't even know yourself. Know your purpose in life. This might not be instant but making the effort to know your purpose is a very attractive quality. 

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2. Be clear on the qualities you are looking for in a partner and the implications of those qualities. Know the qualities you can and cannot tolerate. Set your goals right; know why you want to settle down. 

3. Make friends and make no promises. Choosing someone who shares the same religious beliefs as you is important however if not, choose someone who respects your religious beliefs. 

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4. Pay unexpected visits. 

This helps you know the type of person you are interested in. Also sometimes it helps you see if the person is faking or not. 

5. Listen rather than talking. Develop open ended questions to make the person talk so you will know them more. Everything people struggle over in marriage existed during the relationship stage. Listen carefully to their choice of words. More can be seen about a person in their choice of words. 

6.Watch out for red flags. Do not think you can change anyone. Change isn't easy. People change if they want to. Don't not enter a relationship based on what could be. Remember, broken courtships are better than broken marriages. 

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7. It is totally okay not to want to have sex in a relationship, and having a partner who respects your decision is also very important. 

8. Look out for certain aspects of their lives. 

Such as wether they are first, middle or last borns. Also whether they are the only children of their parents or whether they are from broken homes or not. This is because these things make us understand them more and appreciate our differences. Also the way in which we are parented to some extent affects how we love. 

9. Watch gaps. Such as; intellectual gaps, age gaps and temperaments and personality types. It is important to be comfortable with all these to be able to progress in a relationship. 

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