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Men Contraceptives to hit the Market: Males on Contraceptives as Females (Your Opinion about it).

Ccircum_Dadson 06/28/2020

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Birth control has been in inception for thousands of years but have been mostly shouldered by women, having to carry the burden that come with it. Although birth control has taken different forms such as pills since it creation in the 1950's and other hormonal contraceptive devices which are modern. The earliest known records of birth control date's back into the time of the Ancient Mesopotamia era, around the 1850 BC. The Egyptians, Romans and Greeks had various forms of birth control.

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Contraception when it comes to men has been the use of Condom and Vasectomy method with the Vasectomy being extreme..undergoing surgery. Say bye bye to Vasectomy.

Flexibility of option for men on male birth control is underway. Male birth control reinforces important fact's such as;

* Both Men and Women are responsible for contraception.

* Men can take a more active and satisfying roles in their reproductive health.

The two forms of contraceptives to hit the market are;

#1. DMAU ( Dimethandeolone Undecanoate ).

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What is DMAU?....DMAU is male birth control birth pill.

How Does it the Pill contraceptive Work?

Dimethandeolone Undecanoate an oral contraceptive is a Once daily pill that suppresses two types of hormones in Males namely;

* Follicle Stimulating Hormone ( FSH )

* Luteinizing Hormone ( LH )

which are also found in Females. These hormones decrease the production of testosterone + spermatogenesis ( sperm creation ) without causing symptoms of Low testosterone. This pill works like that of the Females contraceptive since these hormones are found in females also. The use of this pill can be stopped for sperm productions to resume if one is ready to be a father.

#2. NES/T ( Nestorone + Testosterone ).

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What is NES/T?... NES/T is male birth control Hormone-based Gel contraceptive.

How Does it the Hormone-based Gel contraceptive Work?

NES/T is ( NES, Segesterone acetate ) a type of progestin hormone and testosterone progestin which is commonly used in female contraceptives. The Hormone-based gel works by rubbing a small amount of it into the shoulders or chest every morning. The gel is then absorbed within weeks through the skin reducing sperm count. Testosterone is added to the Nestrone to combat any for of effect that will arise as a result of low testosterone levels The level of sperm once dropped to a sufficient level, the individual if married or has a partner both can rely on the gel as their contraceptive with the female not having to take a contraceptive.

The Hormone-based gel contraceptive has been used by a fellow Doctor and his wife since the creation.

Side Effects.

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The side effect experienced by some volunteers in the testing include;

* Headache.

* Dizziness.

* Tiredness.

* Weight gain.

Not all participants experienced a side effect.

NOTE: These contraceptives for men are yet to hit the market as it's undergoing another stage of trial. Since Perfection is the hall mark here.


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