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See Photos Of Nigeria Lady Who Confesses Of Worshiping Satan, Angela Nwosu

[email protected] 06/29/2020

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It is a fact that some people don't believe in the reality of Heaven and Hell. Some even worship and advocate for Satan, this is the case of Angela Nwosu.

Angela Nwosu is a spiritualist , she so happy each time she remembers that she won't make heaven. According to Angela, her mansion in hell is still undergoing massive construction.

She screenshot a post on her page by saying; "Whenever I remember that i will not make heaven eeh, body go just dey sweet me, with reckless abandon. My mansion in😂 fire is still undergoing massive construction, with reckless abandon.

So just see how the screenshot that she posted on her page goes; View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Angela is She is popular on social media, and she gained a lot of followers over time.

She brags of being a goddess of the river, Ogbanie, and the daughter of Amedioha. She is Controversial for selling products she claims to have spiritual potency of making girls to get any man of their choice, making husband not to see any other woman, as well ad good luck charms.

She reportedly makes good money from her trade. See more photos of her below; View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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And see how some people share their air thoughts below;

Chukwumeka Bekee comment say, "the devil is just deceiving you, there is weeping and gnashing do teeth in hell if you don't know. accept Jesus Christ now before it's too late.

Achare gadriel john also comment says, " us the man by her side Lucifer.

So that is how some people share their thoughts below the Lady who worship Satan.

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