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I Really Like This Girl, But How Do I Tell Her How I Feel Without Jeopardizing Our Friendship?

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Loving someone is not much of a problem when getting close to someone for the first and start having feelings but it's the friendship that you don't want to lose if you lose the relationship or it doesn't work between the both of you.

This is my case with this girl in my hood. I've seen her passing and she has seen me looking at her but I have not actually talked to her before until one time I was sitting in front of my house watching the cars and buses pass by and also people coming back from work because I mostly sit outside getting to the night time.

Now, I have never seen her in a pair of trousers or skirt before, she is always wearing a summer shorts and mostly every time I see her she is at the other side of the road but this night she was actually approaching from the same place I am seated. As she got closer I have opened my mouth in disbelieve because this is the first time we are seeing each other not at the opposite side of the road.

I was staring at her and I didn't realize I was staring because I was starstruck for a moment and she actually greeted because I looked like I had something to say and she giggle and passed by. I couldn't believe I couldn't say anything as I turned to watch her thinking she would look back.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. A few minutes later she came back and this time I tried to start a conversation but she brushed me off and then went her way but I knew I would see her again because we stay at the same area but I don't rally know where she stays.

So three days later now, I am outside again and I saw her coming as she started adjusting her short shorts, I don't know if I make her nervous but she is quite a charmer and I think we could be good together. So this time I said something to her and she said something back. We exchanged pleasantries and I asked of her number which she gave without hesitation.

We've been close for a while now and getting to know each other, she is down to earth and she sometimes comes to visit so we could just chill. I feel we are kind of connecting each time we talk or chat, telling me all about herself and I enjoy listening to her stories and stuffs after that's when there's more fun in it and I tease and ask questions later.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Now here is a problem, I don't want her to feel I don't want her but I also don't want her to feel I want her because this will change the complexion of everything even though we got a good thing going but I'm not sure if she feels how I feel about her or she just want to stick around and just be catching feelings and just being in the moment with no strings attached.

I wish we could be something more and I don't know how best I could do this without breaking our friendship and give my heart a chance to love again. As I said love ruins a lot especially if it doesn't work out as you planned and maybe I should probably hold off for a while even though everything points out we both want it.

And just so you know this any guy who is interested in any lady is first and foremost interested in your friendship and he doesn't want to lose you , your love and the most important of all the friendship you both share. This is my situation and I'm in a dilemma choosing between friendship and a relationship. Let me know what you think.

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