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The Bible Teaches The Purpose Of Satan and the Grace bestowed unto him to accomplish it.

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It has become a headache for biblical leaders to expound more on matters concerning the existence of the devil.

Every creator has the potentials behind his creation and this means you cannt create a pot without javing it mind, sketcking and gaining abilities and potentials to do so. The epitome of what ever God wants to achieve ends up with His love and for the love tp be genuine, it needs to be tried.

There exist three possibilities of God creating the universe pertaining to the aspect of good and evil.

1. A world with only the possibility of choosing good

2. A world with nothing of that sought

3. A world with both good and evil

Considering these three realms love would truly exist in the realm where there is evil to try good. So yhe pirpose of satan is just to try the love of God at its epitom.

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