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Seven (7) Reasons why COVID-19 must stay


Every liver comes with bile. this is a very popular saying under this circumstance. This Proverb should be reversed to "every bile comes with a liver "why this right? Read on to know the world has received an unwelcome person as a visitor named COVID-19. Although causing more harm than good I believe that I have seven undebatable reasons why I pray COVID-19 stays. 🤓

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. The most prominent reason why COVID-19 must stay as improved personal hygiene.when was the last time you washed your hand after you came back from town or work or anywhere before this last six months? Did you even see the need for a sanitizer?

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That was then noun you bathe the moment you come into your house from outside. Try coughing without covering your mouth and your grandma will remind you about Corona. I remember how my junior sister embarrassed me for coughing without covering my mouth.

In general, COVID has helped. 

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I do not know if you realized how Africans freed from the Western and European countries. Even the whites are coming too, how the tables have turned? now Africans do not want to go to other lands by the whites want to come here and not just that our brain drained are coming in torrent.

If you were offered month citizenship in America before this couple of months you would accept that now? I guessed right and you are not alone. now Africans all over the world are begging to come home so now you see why COVID-19 has helped?

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 If my first two reasons were not enough to convince you, this would certainly break the back of the camel. under these present circumstances where countries have been forced to lock themselves up in the closet, people have grown to use tech more effectively. taking learning as an example students have become wiser with their gadgets as it is now their only way of making good grades. Who plays a game when the arithmetic teacher is teaching online?

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Already in Africa over half of our students primary and kindergarten inclusive and now learning with the phone laptop or television and you realized that is much better than the boring class we have to sit in. Business meetings, transactions commerce, etc it's much simpler and it is promising to stay that way. Even though you still need to buy data and all that. 


I was really impressed by how innovative the youth had become because of this ailment. Not just that most countries are proving more independent these last few months. a fine example is how instead of importance and sizes we have started making our own sanitizers and personal protective equipment too. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

In fact, I did not even know that the Veronica buckets were the innovation of a Ghanaian nurse. This innovation has been further improved by a student at the University of Ghana.

He has time to the buckets and has provided soap so that you can wash your hands for at least 20 seconds and I believe this is good. COVID-19 is not only pushing us to be self-reliant we are beginning to explore different ways of entertaining ourselves like through virtual concerts online cinemas and many more. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

You might not realize but COVID-19 has drawn families closer than ever. Under the lockdown, most couples were able to study themselves and better adjusts to their differences.in China, the number of divorce cases shut up mostly due to domestic abuse because under the lock down couples had more time to study themselves to know each other better. you might think this is not right but generally, it is I mean to say that this couple separated before bad turned worst. A 29-year old Freda Akrofi diagnosed with depression miraculously got healed about 3 days to the unlock of our cities which were partially locked down. She relayed to me that her psychologist acknowledged that this miracle was due to more time being spent with her family and the many loved ones who showed Care by coming to see her as they finally were relieved of work to do so. parents have grown to understand their wards better and that has made parenting easier.

Another reason why Corona should stay is the pan-Africanism showed by many, especially in Ghana.

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Do you think Dr. Kwame despite, C.E.O of Despite group of companies would give $100,000.00 to the state? Rev. Kweku Antwi popularly known as Rev. Obofour also gave GHc 100,000.00 to the Tema General hospital plus some PPEs to aid their fight against COVID-19. Do you not think that if all theses organizations and people had supported the government in this way Ghana would be approaching over-developed country by now? View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

   My last reason why I believe COVID-19 should stay is the ease it has brought to natural resources. In 1900, the world's population was 1.7 billion in 119 years time which is 2018, this number had increased to 7.7 billion that is about 4.62% increase, In the last six months, 503149 people have died( people are still dying) apart from other causes of death, this has reduced the world's population to 76994968551 and that in percentage is 0.8%. I do not mean that the loss of others is a good thing but it will make the world a better place by pressure on natural resources.

   This writes up does not mean that COVID is a blessing. As I stand in the beginning, this virus is bile that comes with a liver. If we look at everything from a different point of view you will find that this virus has helped in more ways than seven.

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