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Top 8 Architectural and Engineering Wonders of Dubai

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. With oil reserves dwindling, Dubai has needed to re-invent itself to stay relevant in the modern world. Prince Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum has worked tirelessly to invest in Architecture and Engineering projects in the region to lead the "wonders of Dubai". Dubai's investment is expected to attract many millions of tourists over the coming years.Here are our Top 8 Architectural and Engineering Wonders of Dubai:

1. The Burj Khalifa: The Tallest Building in the World 

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Completed in 2009, The Burj Khalifaforms part of the 2 km2 area known as "Downtown Dubai". Designed by Adrian Smith in 2006 the Burj Dubai stands at 828m. The building's budget was around 4 Billion USD.

The Burj Khalifa is recognized as the tallest building and man-made structure in the world.

It's height isn't it only claim to fame. The Burj Khalifa has the highest mosque in the world (158th floor), highest swimming pool (76th floor) and the highest viewing platform (124th floor).Its shape is purportedly inspired indigenous desert flowers which are common in Islamic architecture. This design is not only aesthetic. The stepped shape ensures the mass of the building reduces with height to make the structure stronger. The building is a mixed-use facility with shops, offices, residential sectors and entertainments venues

2. Burj Al Arab: Symbol of Luxury

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The Burj Al Arab is a 7-star property situated on a human-made island near the Jumeirah Beach. The building is home to 202 lavish suites including the two storeys ‘Royal Suite’. Being one of the most iconic monuments of the city, Burj Al Arab has bagged the title of the most photographed building of the world. This majestic 7-star hotel features a Skyview bar, an underwater restaurant, and an outdoor tennis court. The 321 metres tall building is well lit at night, making people go in complete awe of its beauty.  Located on an artificial island, the hotel is at an approximate distance of 280 metres off the shore. 

3. Cayan Tower: The Building with a Twist

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The world’s most massive residential tower with a height of 306 metres is a sight to behold. Completed in 2013, the Cayan Tower is one of the eye-catching tower found in Dubai. The Cayan Tower is very intricately created with a twist in its structure by a whopping 90 degrees without any structural pillars. This architectural masterpiece of Dubai has 73 storeys with rooms designed in such a way that ample of sunlight is mitigated. The apartments lack balconies to provide additional solar shading. 

4. The World Islands: World Inspired Man-Made Islands

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An artificial archipelago, consisting of 300 human-made islands roughly made in the shape of the world map, is situated 4 kilometres off the coast of the city of Dubai.  The World Islands is created from dredged and reclaimed tonnes of sand, which is in itself a very creative idea envisioned by the architects. Although the project faced several challenges in its construction, is a visual site to behold for everyone. Seven islands are symbolising the seven days continents of the world. Till 2016, a total of 6 islands have been completed. The site is also surrounded by over breakwaters. The World Islands can be viewed in the shape of the globe through either space or from the highest viewing point in the Burj Khalifa. This Architectural Wonder of Dubai is an eye-catching delight for tourists from all over the world. 

5. Atlantis, The Palm: The 5 Star Luxury Property

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Standing at the apex of Jumeirah beach, Atlantis is one of the most famous hotels in Dubai. This extravagant hotel was built in 2008 and since then has been a top spot for all the tourists visiting the city. Designed by Wimberly, Allison, Tong and Goo, the hotel has a vast number of 1539 rooms spread across the East and West Wing, which is connected by the Royal Bridge Suite. With rooms designed to provide guests with world-class facilities, the ‘Underwater Suites’ is the main highlight of Atlantis, the Palm. From lip-smacking food to an attractive discotheque, Atlantis is indeed the ultimate destination for tourists from all over the world. Atlantis is home to 65,000 species of marine animals and provides for a variety of adventurous activities like scuba diving or swimming with the dolphins. Most travellers consider that Atlantis has one of the best Architecture of Dubai.

6. The Dubai Mall: World’s Largest Mall

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The Dubai Mall opened its doors for the public in 2008 and is by far the largest shopping destination for people all over the world. The mall on an average attracts 7,50,000 visitors every day with over 1200 shops and 160 restaurants. The mall is not only shoppers’ favourite but also an all-time favourite spot for entertainment by the locals as well as the tourists. Spread over an enormous 13 million square feet, the Dubai Mall has a wide variety of luxury brands for shoppers as well as has an aquarium, underwater zoo, Reel Cinemas, Rainforest Café and much more. With exciting offers and restaurants providing with delicacies, the Dubai Mall is no doubt everyone’s favourite. 

7. The Opus: The Building that Never Sleeps 

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Created by the world-famous architect Zaha Hadid and the Omniyat properties, The Opus, is beautifully designed to provide luxury apartments to people with stylish interiors to give home – away – from – home sensibility. The Opus is home to residential properties as well as commercial buildings including the Spanish Luxury Hotel – ME. This lavish hotel with 93 rooms comprises of 15 bars and restaurants with world-class facilities for all its guests. Located near the Burj Khalifa, the cube-like tower is used for commercial and retail development Envisioned by the Pritzker Prize Winner - Zaha Hadid, this multipurpose project is another masterpiece of the architecture of Dubai.

8. The Jumeirah Beach Hotel

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Near Burj Al Arab, the Jumeirah Beach hotel is one of the oldest hotel located on the Jumeirah beach. The Jumeirah Beach Hotel is a renowned and famous hotel with 599 newly renovated ocean – view rooms, 19 traditional Arabian Style Villas, 13 refreshed restaurants, bars and cafes, five swimming pools and private beach. The Jumeirah Beach Hotel is near Wild Wadi Waterpark and hence, all guests are given the facility of unlimited access to the waterpark. Gym, spa, jacuzzi, steam room and kids’ corner are some of the additional attractions of the hotel. Launched in 1997, the Jumeirah Beach Hotel is spread across a large area of 33,800 square metres. The 93 - metre high building, is the 9th most significant building of the city. This hotel adds on to the beauty of the architecture of the city.

9. Fairmont Dubai: The Heart of Dubai

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The Fairmont is a luxury hotel that was established in Dubai in 2002. The hotel’s construction and infrastructure take inspiration from the Islamic architecture of Dubai. It is just 10 minutes away from the Dubai Mall, the Burj Khalifa and the Jumeirah Beach. The hotel is strategically located in the heart of the city, making all the tourist destinations of the town in its proximity. Few metro stations away from Fairmont are the Mall of Emirates which is another major tourist spot. The hotel is opposite the Dubai International Convention Centre and World Trade Centre, garnering economic importance to the hotel. The hotel has meeting spaces on the 33rd floor along with 394 guestrooms, suites and penthouses for the lavish stay of the guests. 

10. Movenpick Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel: Inspired from the Ancient History

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Movenpick Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel is an Arabian style hotel is a visual treat for all the tourists, named after the 14th - century traveller Ibn Battuta. The hotel is near the Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall, the Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Mariana. The hotel comprises of 396 rooms and suites, all intricately designed by taking inspiration from the travels of Ibn Battuta. The hotel has not only lavish rooms but also mouth-watering cuisines at its disposal for its guests. The additional facilities of the hotel include; rooftop swimming pool, gym, spa, complimentary access to the beach and also transfers to Private Beach Club on Palm Jumeirah. The considerable conference halls, and kids’ games corner are another add on to the facility for the guests. 

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