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Anas Aremeyaw Anas welcomes Gary Al Smith back home after recovering from COVID-19

deejmagnus 06/25/2020

Ghana's International investigative journalists, Anas Aremeyaw Anas has welcomed Joy Fm's astute sports radio personality Gary Al Smith back from the hospital after recovering from the deadly coronavirus.

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Gary is one of the four workers at the Accra media powerhouse who were confirmed positive of COVID 19 in a few weeks ago. Just after he was discharged from the Lagon Hospital, he took to his official Facebook page to share the great news to his fans, loved ones, and the nation as a whole.

In the comments section, the International investigative commented " Welcome back home bro".

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The sports presenter's fans also commented on his post to show how happy they are to see Gary declared fully fit.

 * Where are you going? Stay there small. We love Gary the "patient" than Gary the journalist😂😂. Anyway, we thank God for your life. Stay safe and live till you don't want to live again. 😍🙏

* Ur mission is completed. Those who don't know n understand journalism will be wishing u speedy recovery. The untold story tanks for the diaries, when are u going to Kumasi

* We thank God for healing. Pls, remember to sanitize all ur electronic gadgets before u get to madam. Thanks so much for all the updates. Stay safe. Stay well.

* Thanks to God for your life and that of all those recovering. I must say I really appreciate your bravery in openly coming out to announce your status and also leading the fight against stigmatization. Kudos !!!

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* Hi Garry, we thank God for ur life. But what do u think about this new protocol for discharging patients? Is it safe? Do you think you have fully recovered and will not pose any risk to your family and friends? I am just being concerned.

* For whatever reason u were sent there(thru e infection tho), I hope u learned the lesson there is and will let your voice bring the change that's needed...welcome bruv 😍

* You deserve a national award for being so bold in the fight against stigmatization. That alone proves how good your heart is I have been following your issue...And am happy you are out with a renewed mind. Thanks for being strong. Thanks for the education that, being COVID-19 positive patient, isn't a death warrant. Welcome back, home sir.

* Glory to God for your healing. Thanks to the golden heart's who took care of you and well done for coming up so strongly. You're a Champion

* I thought you would stay awhile and expose more rot happening in the dark! I hope they didn't discharge you for exposing those who were supposed to act!

* We thank God but now that you have recovered can you get the virus again it you come into contact with someone who is positive?

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Source: opera.com
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